Easy and Hills

With my race on Saturday and the rest day on Sunday, I thought that I would do a nice easy run on Monday so that I could flsuh out any residue lactate and other nasties in my legs. This would lend to running a speed workout Tuesday or Wednesday. I ended up going to Volunteer Landing and back, so by the mile split times it wasan easy run for this course. In fact, it was easy at the beginning and the climb up the Lake Loudon hill was a piece of cake! The heat wasn’t all that bad, even though the Big Board said it was 83 degrees, it didn’t feel quite that hot. Now on my return trip, the sweat was getting into eyes and making it difficult to see while running. Now, while I was on the greenway, it wasn’t all that bad… I did miss the dead bird on the greenway. Now, when I had to negotiate traffic, that was a different story.

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I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to for Tuesday’s workout. I felt pretty good and the weather (relatively) was pretty nice. It was low 80s and not terribly humid, at least not compared with the past weeks. Campus was very busy and so I thought that I would start out doing a slower Tempo run and go through my Market Square Loop. Tuesday was the last day before classes officially started, so just about everyone had moved in over the weekend. Running through campus is a mixed bag with students.

In one sense, I want to look like I know what I am doing and have the College Dudes and Chicks think “That old man knows what he’s doing”. I did realize that the college freshmen for this year are about 1/2 of my age. These kids were being BORN when I started my first days at Longwood College with a nice Ape Cape and a blank stare wondering what the hell was going on?

So, I went out at a good clip. Although I wasn’t fast, I was steady. I did have to dodge quite a bit of pedestrian traffic. I was intially listening to the episode of Dump Runner’s Club where Matt talked about his upcoming race the Pike’s Peak Ascent. He records his shows on Fridays, so his race was that weekend. I am anxious to hear about how the actual race went. He did survive, I do know that… the part of the race he did was UP Pike’s Peak, not something you want to do everyday.

Downtown seemed a little more busier than normal… I don’t think the start of school had anything to do with it but maybe the change in the weather as it’s only been in the mid to low 80s. I remembered that it was Tuesday and so that meant that the Women in Black were out by the federal building. It just so happened that one of the women was handing a phamplet to someone in the stopped bus at the stoplight which meant that I had to turn back into the sidewalk and in essence break their little protest/awareness barrier. I think next time I will have to mention to one of them that I have blogged about them.

After playing obstacle course with women, I realized that I was going closer to a Tempo pace. It’s been killing me that running at a low 8 minute mile has had a perceived effort of difficult. I surely hope that I am not getting slower with age… I mean, I know that I will but that shouldn’t be significant for another 5-6 years. I hope that it is just a conditioning side effect in that I am not really conditioned. Sure I can managed to crank out 10 miles just walking out the door, but I haven’t been planning really well on my workouts. I created the Phedippidations WorldWide Half Marathon Challenge workouts, but really my schedule doesn’t conform to what I prescribed for the workout I should be doing. Part of that has been that my weekends have been awkward and I hope now that is remedied.

So, thinking of the training program that I should be doing but not really following. I decided I need to change my approach. Now, I have been dying to do a hill workout. Hills, yes… I am on crack. Honestly, thinking back to my race, I don’t think I have done any quality speedwork… sure I run some tempo here and there, but look at my tempo pace and look at my Scholar’s Run pace… see a connection? It’s no Da Vinci Code or anything, but it probably a good clue to why I ran the way I did.

So, I decided, there are some hills that I can play with on the way back, why not attack them. So that what I did! From mile marker 2.75ish to 3 is all uphill and I attacked the entire distance, then somewhere around 3.5 to 3.6 is a fairly brisk hill that I ran the entire way. I wa pleased with the hill workouts that I had done and really need to make a course that has some good hills to overcome… hmmm a project for this afternoon?

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