Afternoon Delights

I haven't gotten my Messenger Bag yet, but expect some fanfare when the Brown Santa Claus (the UPS man) brings it to my doorstep!! YAY!

So, I am rebuilding my horde of Coke Reward points and I already my eye on something…

Another Bag!

Coca-ColaŽ Sling Backpack
265 points

Hit the streets with this fun sling backpack which includes a cell phone pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap that can be switched from the left to the right shoulder, and a comfort contoured padded back panel with a screened Coca-Cola contour bottle graphic on it!

The bad thing for me is that it is limited quantity and so that means that it will be gone just at the time I have 250 points. Sigh. Maybe by then, there will be a new round of prizes and I won't be stuck with crap.

On another note:
That bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms… is two-thirds gone. Not at once, but slowly over the course of the morning and afternoon

PB mms
for some reason I am starting to feel sluggish… I wonder why?

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