? is for beta, that's my kind of radiation

I had a wittier title for this post, but it seems that particular neurons must be on break. Damn Unions! Oh well, maybe I'll get a neuron from across the border to fill in for him, you know cash under the table… So you get some nuclear engineer refurbished idea mashed together with one of my son's songs (albeit a They Might Be Giants song)

My VoicePost Wednesdays are going to be getting an upgrade. Actually nothing is happening to Voicepost wednesdays because I know it is the highlight of your day when you see I have a new Voicepost. You call your workers over and without letting them see my picture, you say “Okay, guess if this is a man or a woman”
I would be here all day if  told you the number of times I have been called “Ms. Higgins” on the phone. Sometimes, I just go with it and do a whole 'Dumb Broad' act. Some guy even tried to pick me up on the phone… I think he got excited when I kept saying “but, I Like Girls…”

Okay… that was a tangent and this is the cotanget. The Almighty UPS tracking site says that there is a package in the Knoxville area with my name on it. The Brown Santa Claus will be delivering an outstanding deal that I scored off eBay. In that package is a iRiver iFP895 MP3 player. I know, I know… you are saying, didn't you just purchase a MP3 player not too long ago… Well, yeah… I did. But this one will record with an unpowered Microphone!

Okay, I see that blank stare… and your brain is saying “Who Cares” but what this means is that I can drive into the world of podcasting or rather runcasting. I've talked about that goofy little podcast called Phedippidations. Well, I love… wait no, make  that Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve contributing to that show. I do, but I wish more people would contribute because I feel a little self conscious that Steve is so gracious to play my stuff on his podcast. But it's not the “Steve and Terry” show, it's Steve and the rest of the world. So I thought that I would try my hand at making my own show. Steve, if you are reading this, I still plan on doing pieces for Phedippidations from time to time, I'm not quiting my proverbial day job.

Okay, I got this great idea… I'm going to do my own podcast, but the first question is about what? That I am not 100% sure about. I am leaning (pun intended) to the content being motivational based, with most of the show being done on the iRiver (hence, the purchase) while running and then taken back to the production studio (i.e., basement) and mixed up with some sound effects, other filler material, perhaps a song and then Voila! Le Podcast Extraordanaire. It will have strong Running content, but hopefully not a waste for the non-runner.

Apart from not exactly know what I am going to be talking about,  it doesn't have a name yet. I don't want the name to be associated with me… after all, Phedippidations is not “Steviedations” and Dump Runner's Club is pretty darn unique. I also want to have half the energy as Adam over at the Burning20, I'm only on Episode 20 of (currently) 39 episodes… but you can tell that Adam is on-point 99% of the time. Me, not so much.

But guess what?! You all are going to be Beta TESTERS! YAY!!! This side of the room say “Beta”, this side of the room say “Tester” (no, L~ it's not Testes – she's such a trouble maker)

Here's my delusional plan right now… I will dream up some theme… then talk about it during a couple of runs in the mid-late week. Then on the weekend do some post-production and then either Monday Night or Tuesday morning, Post It. I am going to run the first couple (maybe 4 or 5) as dry runs which means that I am not going to Syndicate the show which means that you podcast aggregator will not pick it up. Okay, all that means is that the only way you'll get it is to download from the blog page. But if the test launches are successful, then I will send it to a site that you can have your iPodder or other podcast capturing software go it automatically.

I'm not looking at it being very long, maybe 10-20 minutes or so. Depends on how much gold I can mine out of what I talk about while running. And if I start out every 2 weeks, I wouldn't be killing myself either.

So there is your behind-the-scene look

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