Weekend Update

I'll have the Tellico Race Report up after lunch. It shouldn't be too long and I don't have the one picture that Gray took. But this is what I did this weekend:

Friday Night
Got home and lounged around until Gray showed up. We then ate some leftovers and proceded to drink some beers. Once the kids were pt to bed, we watched the movie X2 which was pretty good.

Ugh, there is something with my short-term memory. I know that we ordered pizza on Saturday and went to wal-mart, but I can't for the life of me figure out the time line! AH HA, we did go to Earthfare for lunch, so we had pizza for dinner. We also went to Wal-mart that afternoon before going home to order the pizza. It was pretty much low-key… we put the kids down, Gray read the bedtime story and then we watched the movie Memento. That was a great movie, you had to follow closely and I am sure that if you watched it again that you'd pick up on more.

Morning, Tellico Sprint Triathlon. We then went to KFC for lunch (I was having a craving). At 1:30 we watched the World Cup final which took forever due to the overtime and penalty kicks. Then we had dinner at Calhoun's with Marty and Solange. We watched part of the Tour De France stage reair from Sunday but fell asleep well before the Stage ended and miss the exciting parts…

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