Weekend Update

Not much of significance happened on Saturday. I don't remember leaving the house… I do remember over sleeping and then not running in the morning. Hmmm… Our oven did break. Well, in actuality the dial that controls everything from the temperature to the timer stopped working. So the oven is useless. Cost of part $158 shipped. *Sigh*, but it is something that I can replace so that saves me a $50 fee for coming to diagnose the problem and a 10-40% markup on the part.

Jen and I had some crab legs for dinner. We normally broil them in the oven (which didn't work) but since that wasn't working, we use the Turbo Broiler. The Turbo Broiler is similar to a contraption that is out on As Seen On TV right now. Ours, is a on loan form Jen's parents and is an older unit. The concept is that is use convection heat to heat up the food. Or more technical… the heaty part of the oven has a fan thingie and that moves the air around. You could actually see the liquid on the bottom moving in circles. It was good and the crabs turned out well.

We went to Church and Sunday school. Then went to Earthfare for lunch and shopping. I sure wish that we could do all our shopping there… it's a great place. Then we were in pursuit of Birthday stuff for Master Eric. We went to Sam's to check out their cakes section and while I was there I saw this great Laptop Combo Pack… I am thinking about getting and using it for my business. I'd much rather have it mysteriousy appear on my doorstep. But as a statistician, I know that is a low probability especially since I have a great feel for the prior probability. Man, I could get so much more done if I could have the computer with me. I'd think I'd go crazy if I had to use a Treo or Palm all the time (but could probably mangage).

Well, not to bore you with all the places we went, I will summarize it here for your convenience.
Party City
Party City
See… told you… boooooooooorrrrring
I finished the night working on some super secret stuff that I can't share at the present moment.

It's going to be a busy week at our place
tuesday – 4th of July parade stuff
wednesday – appointment at 3, plus Jen's Parents are in town
thursday – Eric's bday party
friday – Jen's parent's leave, Gray (and maybe) Laurie will arrive
saturday – eric's actual bday
sunday – tellico triathlon

on a oven note. I “encouraged” the oven to work again… and it is responding sporadicly. Not enough to be comfortable with it yet, but enough not to order the part today.

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