The 2 day Recap

Just when I got the weekend update (Sat & Sun) finished, I had that race report to do… now I am behind, again. Only if there was a way to take the thought in my head and have them blogged instead… that would save some time. On second thought, that would be a very VERY bad idea.

So monday, that would be yesterday was a recovery run and a short one at that. I knew that I needed to get some lactic acid build up out of my system and what better way than a nice little jaunt. I chose my 3.27 mile campus route. I really need to get that to 3.5 miles or something a little more easier than 3 point 2-7. Oh well, maybe a different day. The problem with this route is that I wasn't sure where the mile markers were, well… i knew where the first mile was but 2 and 3… no clue. So, my split time is not all that helpful…

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 1.0 8:55 8:55  
2 2.27 3.27 19:39 8:40 28:34  

Monday night was preoccupied with paying bills and getting some other paperwork stuff done. Now my desk needs some work. I think I decided that I am going to go with the Exilim EX-Z57 camera. I probably can get away with less camera (after all I am putting to rest a 2MP camera) but it's small and has gotten decent reviews. Perhaps I should dig through the Canons again. Regardless, I need it in a week!

Hmmm… I got a project in the works that I am not going to divulge anything about yet. Just a tease about it… Let's see, what else about today that would be of any value? I need a hair cut. Yeah, I need a haircut! Woo-Hoo right? If I didn't look so sickly when I have long hair (it has to be manicured daily) then I would let my hair grow out. I never get it to a decent length before I decide to cut it. Actually in 2001, I dyed it blonde for my 30th birthday AND then had it put in cornrows for new years. I loved the cornrows… they were cool!

I have ran out of pictures for my photoblog, I have to upload those soon. Like real soon. Where will the spammers go if I don't have my photoblog up?

So today I swam at lunch time and I will just realy my 400 meter times. I felt slower in the pool and my right hamstring (at the very top) had a little strain in it. Nothing bad, but it wanted to let me know that it was there. Thanks.

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 411 411 9:19 9:19  
2 411 822 10:48 19:57  

Nothing else to report right now… maybe later.

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