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For those of you that don't know… my sister in law is an Oncologist in California. Her specialty cancer is breast cancer. She was recently in Atlanta (we didn't get to go down there and see her) where she was at the American Society of Clinical Oncologist and Lance Armstrong was awarded a Special Recognition Award for his Foundation work.

For sports that I don't follow regularly, I have always tried to keep up with at least “The Big Event” of that sport. Cycling, for example, was the Tour de France and have followed it with some degree for many years. When Lance won his first tour, I read a few articles about the tour. When he was leading on the 2nd tour, I was reading the daily recap from time to time. When he won his 3rd, I followed almost daily. On his fourth, I followed almost daily. When he won his fifth, I followed daily and I watched the last few days. When he won his 6th, I watched every day. When he won his 7th, I followed online everyday and watched the recap video almost every night.

One funny thing… if you read my blog archives off the site, you will see that I bought 10 LiveStrong bands before that year's tour even begun. I had to buy 10 bands thinking “who the hell can I GIVE these too?” I sent 5 to my friend Gray thinking that he could do something with them. wouldn't you know it. It was about a week of wearing the band that someone finally asked me what that yellow band was on my wrist. So I told them. Then, I started seeing other people with them on. Then you couldn't get them anywhere because they were sold out.

I wore a LiveStrong band up until my Father died this past April. Now I wear a red HOPE band from the National MS Society. So here is the video of his speech, you can tell immediately his passion about cancer survivorship. Also, if you haven't read his book It's Not About the Bike, it's a great read and he explains everything from the expermental chemortherapy to cycling terms in language that anyone can under stand.

View Lance Armstrong's Acceptance Speech from the 2006 ASCO Annual Meeting
At the 2006 ASCO Annual Meeting, Lance Armstrong was presented with a Special Recognition Award for his advocacy work on behalf of survivorship issues and clinical trials.

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