It's more of a dry heat

When we last left our hero, he was standing… bags packed and ready to go. Well, sort of… to spare you the pain of how tuesday evening went, I will do the “short, short, short version”:

Do you? Yes. Do You? Yes. Great, you're married.

Oh wait, that's Spaceballs, not my life… anyway, may the Schwartz be with you.

About 1am on wednesday morning, me, Jen, Melody and Kim left Knoxville to go to the Atlanta Airport. I guess I need to introduce Melody and Kim for you all (yes… YOU-space-ALL). Melody and Kim are both consultants in my wife's unit. Kim has been around since the beginning of Jen's MK journey and Melody is relatively new (but she likes jewelry, so she's been doing real well). On our way to Atlanta we stopped in Cleveland, that's Cleveland TN not OH to pick up Cathy, another one of Jen's hotshots. Cathy has quit her 40hr job so that she can do MK full time and go to nursing school.

So, at about 2:30am (and a couple missed turns) we find Cathy waiting outside, in the dark, for us to pick her up. She is so excited to go to Dallas that she has not slept… at all… all day (and evening/morning). The trip to ATL was just peachy (do you get it?) and we went through security without a problem. The flight was on time, or rather it arrived early… our bags took forever… but the shuttle was just fine. I took some pictures during the trip from DFW to the Hyatt (near where Kennedy was shot). We made it to the room and the first thing I did was unpack… only to discover… you know it. My tuxedo shirt was not in the freakin' bag!!!

I was, rather calm about the situation. We were going to go to the MK manufacturing plant and then I was going to see my friend Nick while Jen was at a meeting. So, I called Nick to ask if he knew of any places that might have tuxedo shirts…

So our first trip… The Manufacturing Plant. I will spare the narrative on the plant for right now. I have pictures to go along with it and the pictures will help me remember everything that we saw. But as I texted early… something happened. There was a strong rubber odor when we left the manufactuing plant and sure enough, we stopped on the side of the highway on the painted area in between the highway and on-ramp. It took close to 40 minutes to get us new transportation and then we still had a while to get back to the Convention Center.

Once at the Convention Center, Jen raced to her meeting. I was going to attend a couple computer classes, but decided not to but go back to the hotel before coming back to the Convention Center to take the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transport). The nice thing about the Hyatt is that it is only 2 blocks away from the Convention Center, so it's pretty safe to walk back and forth. They do have shuttle buses from the hotels, but on the way back, the Hyatt is the last stop.

So, I made it back to the hotel and got ready for the trip to see Nick. I headed back to the Convention Center to catch the DART (little did I know, there was one right at Union Station) and make my first attempt at public transportation in the Dallas Metro area.

Next Stop… DARTs and other pointy things

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