For the Ladies

For the reasonable price of $11.28 before tax, we purchased 24 cupcakes from the local Sam's Bakery.

The cupcakes, 12 chocolate and 12 white cake, were very moisture and flavorful. The icing was a whipped white icing that was decorated with a special artistic tip coving the top of the cupcake. Colorful candy confetti was sprinkled on top of the cupcakes to bring out a festive atmosphere to the delicious edibles. Adorned on the top of the icing, a plastic ring with a sticker of a character from the Disney movie Cars.

Never mind that Eric has not seen the movie or that he doesn't call Lightnin' McQueen by his name but as “Nine-Five” nor that he has a toothbrush with the Tow Truck character on it nor that his little brother has a small playground ball that has Nine-Five on it, he still likes cars! On a side note, he got a radio-controlled car of “nine-five” which is much larger than the McDonald's Happy Meal Nine-Five, so the new car is called “Big Nine Five”…

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