Day (of the "Dead") Solution

So, I decided to tak my mortal body out for a little jog in 90+ heat… why? who the hell knows… someone said it's good for you. And since it was tough conditions, I guess it was good for me.

The Plan:
Monitor my back while I run, if it starts to hurt… stop. Goal distance, ehh… five miles or so.

The Execution:
I got to the aquatic center with little trouble, there is some CHIC convention. No not CHIC as in style, but some athletic based activities. Anyway, these peoples have infested the campus and are all over the place. I got suited up for running… well there's not much to the suit, but you get the picture.

I took off and first couple of steps… OUCH, step, ouch, step, ow. The “ouch” was when my left foot hit, sending the signal to my brain that the back was hurting… the great things with brains, is that they can be easily distracted. Leesa was talking today about coming full circle in your thoughts. I did that with my back. I thought about my back, then I thought I might see Tina Wesson, Survivor Winner, playing wall ball (of sorts), then I thought about the track (as I passed it), then I thought about roller blading on the track (the CHIC people were building a skate(board) park next to the track), then I thought about not running into the kids taking up the street, then I thought about crossing the street, then I came off the curb, then I thought about 'hey that would hurt my back', then I thought how my back didn't hurt, then I thought… 'hey, my back doesn't hurt, and I started off slower than normal' and then…

Thompson Bowling arena showed 91 on the big board and although it was pretty hot (despite being next to the river) the humidity wasn't all that bad. It wasn't comfortable, but it was bearable. I did forget to not put my Day Solution on my forehead. This is the secret magic potion (err, it's not so secret) that I use to keep my skin looking good. The great thing is that it has SPF 25 in it, the bad thing is that SPF will burnout your eyes, which while running, I need my eyes as to avoid becoming target practice for the vehicles on Neyland Drive. I got over it though…  I ran out to my 2.5 mile marker where I finished the water I carried. Now here is where I made myself feel like an idiot and of course, want to share this with you all.

As I was taking my break at the turnaround point, the place on the greenway is fairly secluded. there are trees around and couple of buildings, but not a whole lot else. There is a bridge about 0.2 of a mile in the distance. The stretch of greenway that I was resting on was straight, level and followed some sort of drainage ditch a base of an on-ramp for the bridge. It's obviously man made and has been there for sometime as the vegetation was fairly overgrown. It was enough vegetation to provide some cover from the sun and you wouldn't be seen if someone was traveling by. In fact, someone walking by would have to look right into the correct spot to see you. So, going back to Leesa's post about talking in full circle… this isn't quite full circle, but it's more like a Rhombus or trapezoid

[Walking down the greenway, glancing in the ditch every now and then]
I'm looking at the drainage ditch thinking is there anything cool in there
Then I think, is there anyone in there
Then I think, is there a dead body in there
If I saw dead body, I would have to run to Lakeside Tavern (about 0.6 mile) and have them call the police
Then I would have to wait for the police and that would interupt my running
But, I might get interviewed on the news
Well, the police station is just up that big ass hill (about 0.8) mile
I'd bust in the door saying that I'd seen a dead body!
Then I'd definitely be in the news
ha ha, that's funny… I'd never see a dead body
[Terry turns around back to the greenway]
HOLY F(*&(*&(*& what is that???? IS THAT A DEAD BODY… OH CRAP!!!
No, it's a bunch of wooden stakes wrapped up in black netting that is used as a makeshift barrier
[Laughing out loud] Oh good gracious… I got myself! oh my… I better start running again… [starts running again]

The best thing about the run, other than not being bothered by a dead body, was my performance. I ran a great 8k, I ran out a little fast at the beginning, but not like normal and I found my grove despite the heat. I stayed decently hydrated and didn't slow down because of it. I was able to go up the hill at a good steady pace without killing myself (because I ran the first mile decently). I ran a little slower than my Tempo pace (I think I could have had a conversation at this pace), this (for the non-runners) is very encouraging because this means that my 3.1 mile race pace is now faster than what it was in June. YAY! Split times are here:

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 1.0 7:51 7:51  
2 1.0 2.0 8:28 16:19  
3 1.0 3.0 8:29 24:48  
4 1.0 4.0 8:34 33:22  
5 1.0 5.0 8:28 41:50  And this was even up Lake Loudon Hill

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon