Camera Candidates

As you know, I had to give Last Rites to my Minolta Dimage x20 recently. It was a great camera. I bought it in 2004 for my trip to America Samoa so that I had a camera small enough to carry around but functional enough to satisfy my creative needs. I will now I will have to sell it on eBay for parts. Sniff Sniff.

Well, I have been trying to find candidates for a replacement and I think I have narrowed it down to these:

Casio Elixim EX-Z40
Casio Elixim EX-Z57
Canon Elph SD200 or SD300

They are small and compact. The Exilim uses SD cards which is good because the Dimage uses them and I can switch cards. The Canon uses CF cards which our other Canon cameras uses (I could get a 1GB card!! hee hee). I don't need the 4MP resolution, but it would be nice to have especially now that that resolution is more affordable. I'd like to stay less than $100 shipped. So anyone out there have any thoughts or opinions or personal experience with these models or can suggest something comparable?

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