3 Days in Daze

There wasn't a whole lot that happened on Saturday. We had to get Eric's glasses adjust so that they would fit on his nugget. A trip to the grocery store *big yawn*. I did pull out the pool (the little plastic pools that double for mosquito breeding grounds) and let Eric play in it for a while. I even let Eric the Elder play around with the hose. And yes, I did get a little wet. But shortly after the pool, a huge storm came fast and furious through our area. Thunder but no lightning. The amount of water was pretty amazing though… it was running extremely fast now the road. I wanted to get Eric's rubber duckies and have races.

That night, we sat down and ordered frames for the family pictures that we took last month. We had a number of 10×13 pictures to frame. To make the order to the minimum, we order some frames for posters that I have, 1999 Richmond Marathon Poster, Quad City Air Show poster (with the Blue Angels), a map of the world and where the shuttle could land circa mid 80s, and something else. What I am most excited about is that we ordered 5 frames specifically for my photography. THAT got me excited, but put me in a dilemma… which ones *pulls non-exsisten hair*?? I have always known I wanted to frame my artwork, just I never knew how!

It was our turn to bring snacks to Sunday School. Next time, I am just going to bring donuts… those never last! I also agreed to teach a Sunday school class. I may even podcast it and post it up here as well, for practice mainly. I haven't gotten all the piece together, but it will revolve around a movie, which I am not going to disclose at this time. Okay Okay a hint… I know that my bloggy chicks out there have been goo-goo for one of the supporting actors! OOOPS SAY NO MORE!

Wouldn't you know it… I found this kick ass spider building a web at dusk. I was finishing up a roll of film, so I tried to get some pictures of it with the Canon AV-1 (35mm), so those went off for developing hopefully they will be waiting for me when I get back from Dallas.

At some point during Sunday, I hurt my back. I have a sharp pain that hurts for a practical purposes, all the time *sigh*. It's just left of my spine right where the waistband of my skivvies rests. I am pretty sure that it's muscular because when I use the precussion massager, it feels better. Not sure if I did it while I was playing with the kids or what.

I chose not to workout because of my back. I tried some running between my two building and each time my left foot landed it went right into my back. Makes you appreciate more when everything works properly. Instead, I went and run some errands for our trip this week (more on that in a bit). I ended up going to Target and picked upa couple of bags. See, Terry likes bags like Women like Shoes. If I could have a bag for everything, I would have a bag for anything. In fact, I have 2 here at work. One backpack is my workout bag and the other is a leftover from my schooling in 2004 which I use as my day bag. My day bag is more than enough for what I need now. But for me… It's all about being hands-free.

The backpack I have now, has caribeaners over it, so that I rarely have to hand carry anything. If I had a woring digital camera, perhaps I would show them to you. So, are you curious what bags I have added to my collection?? No, well too bad *sticks out tongue*. I got a medium camera bag for the Canon AV-1 which I am taking to Dallas. Last year, I had it in my carry bag (yet, another bag) and it that bag is not as protective as a bonafide camera bag. Again, a digitial camera would provide a picture for your viewing please. The other bag is a shoulder message bag… not the kind that has a strap and handles, but one where there is one padded strap is the shoulder strap.

I like having color on my bags. For example, my workout bag is a $20 (I got it for $15 +20% off) YELLOW Old Navy Bag. It's just about the right size and replaced a Yellow Nike bag. My (currently) main bag is Blue and Silver. But the bag that I bought today is just black and silver. Now that's great if I am an Oakland Raider fan, but it's kinda blah. They had a pink and black bag there and although it would be PERFECT the place I am going to this week, I'm not sure it would be quite me. Maybe tonight, I can take some pictures of my bags.

So P3 where you going?
For those of you who don't know or to refresh your brains, my wife is a Mary Kay Consultant. Actually, she is a Sales Director, which means that she has her own unit of Consultant. A short history on why she does what she does. She initially signed up to help her cousin get a career car, she was the last person on the last day. This was in July 2003 when Eric was 3 weeks old. Fast forward to January 2004, her position at her corporate job was getting ready to be eliminated due to restructuring, so she decided to take the severance package, take Eric out of Daycare and work from home. In May 2004 she became a director and is currently working toward becoming a National Sales Director, at which point, I can retire and do goofy stuff all day. No, we don't have the pink cadillac, but that car is a sweet ass car! It comes loaded! We have the Grand Prix right now, which is right in its own manner!

So, in July (and always in Dallas), Mary Kay has its annual Seminar, which is a 2 week extravaganza that celebrates the previous year's accomplishments. So we travel to Dallas and for 4 days we have a jammed packed schedule of classes, speeches, awards, shows and seeing old friends (plus meeting new ones). What do I like about it? Alot, I get alot out of it. I myself become motivated by hearing how many of these people overcome adversity, obstacles, etc. Very life skills appropriate. Plus at each Seminar (there's 5 seperate events) there are about 9000 women! Disclaimer: plus the hottest one of all – my wife.

Another bonus of Seminar is that one of my bestest friends from high school lives in Dallas, so now I can see him at least once a year for a few hours, which, is better than nothing in my book.

Apart for Seminar, we also travel in January to a new city each year for Leadership. You can check my Archives for our trip to Atlanta 2006 and New Orleans 2005 (my Scavenger Hunt Picture this week was on this trip). We'll be going on a cruise in November. So you can say that I love my wife's work. Plus, it keeps my skin nice! So, back to the story, the pink bag would work just fine here!

This year, Super GreekChickie and I are going to try to meet up. She's been gracious enough to do the driving (about 2 hours as she says) on Saturday. Hopefully it'll work out, but scheduling can get so crazy.

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