I still don't know the source of my back pain, other than 1) I got it on Sunday and 2) It's probably muscular.

Now, if I would have followed my own advice, I would have taken some pain medicine for my back. If I had listened to my lovely and talented wife, I would have taken pain medication for my back AND taken it easy. So what did I do?

Ehhh, I kinda took it easy, I didn't run yesterday (Monday) at lunch time. I “took” “pain medication” yesterday evening, it was 24oz of pain medication in liquid form… Mmmmmm

Actually, when I got home the first thing that I did was break out a Thermacare heat patch. We had a ton of coupons and was storing these for when I was playing soccer and getting injured. Since 2002, they have been just sitting around since I can make hot water bottles just as easy. I put one of the patches on and wore it around while I played with the kids outside, fed the kids, bathe the kids, put the kids to bed… all my normal evening routine. I figured that I had worn it around 2 hours or so… which is not recommend.

I should have seen if I had some kind of burn on my skin. I seriously doubt it because those things don't get hot… their 0.1 the hotness of McDonald's coffee or Easy Mac right out of the microwave. But it is hot enough to heat my temperature up and so everything was pissing me off. I was so irratible. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Once I realized that I was being a butt, I went through my Sherlock Holmes checklist, because once you considered all the possibilities, what ever remains however unlikely must be the truth. Yeah, it's called process of elimination.

It was not long, as in almost instanteous, before I figured out that the heat wrap was bothering me. So I took it off and Voila! I felt much better, however, I was still a little hot. So what's the best thing I could think of to cool me off? Not Coffee, not iced tea, not cold water but BEER! Mmmm beer. So I grabbed a cold one and Jen and I started packing for Dallas.

What's truly amazing is that when we go on trips, if we want to leave on say Saturday at 1pm. We start packing at 8pm on Friday night until about 11pm, because we get sidetracked or can't figure out what bag or bags we want to take. Then Saturday about 10am, we continue to pack until about 12:30 when we break for lunch. Then at about 1:15 we start to load the car. Around 2pm or so we are just about done. 2:45 we have gathered all the last minute items and are ready to head out. At 2:57 we leave the drive way. At 3:00 we turn around to get whatever we have forgotten. At 3:05 we are back out on the road. and about 3:45 we remember something else that we have forgotten and either just not care or buy a new one at our destitation. And before you go and say, why don't you make a list… I reply to you with “we make lists”

We are 90% packed. In fact, I am so packed (*sing-songy*How packed are you) that my tech-9 is fully loaded… no, just kindding, I am so packed that I just have to put a few electronics in and I am good to go! No worries.

As for my back today (thanks for asking) it felt, or rather I couldn't feel it,  until about 10am! I was pretty happy with that. It feels so good (*sing-songy*How good does it feel) – oh Terry cut the crap. It feels good enough that I took 2 ibuprofen about 10 minutes ago and I am going to attempt to go run today at lunch. If I don't run today, I probably won't run until Sunday and that's too long for this running junkie…

So, tune in soon, same bat blog, same bat URL to find out if mild-mannered Terry is sent to the ER in stretcher or worse… DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon