Voicepost Fill-ins

When I am running, I think of all these great and wonderful things that I am going to blog about during my voicepost. I even come up with a script in my head, so that my post will be devoid of verbal pauses and today was no exception. I was going to talk about this and that and maybe even about a little Shakira. But what happened:

It's UHHHHHHH, DUHHHHHHHHHH… yeah. You know, I uh ran today and uh, it was a hot mofo out there. Yeah… and um, I think tomorrow I uh um am going to go uh uh trail running.

Okay, so that's not exactly how it sounded but that's how it could sound if I didn't try to come up with some topic structute before I hit the last # key to start recording.

So this is what I left out of today's recap of my running:
Today was a dnagerous day for me to be out in the streets. First of all, as I was starting the race, I ran by the track as I made my way toward the Neyland Greenway. Well, while running by the fence that encompasses the track, all of a sudden – WHAM – my left shoulder hits one of the posts… OW! It didn't hurt but it definitely deflected me off course. Once I recovered from that I was cruising right along , did a U-turn at the turn around point. On the way back, on part of Volunteer Landing, they had done some landscaping. Specifically, they had pruned back some bushes and they did it very well. These bushy-thingies had fairly stout branches and, just my luck, were about the height of my ribcage.

So I am running along and have to the right because a walker has decided that the Middle of the Greenway is the best place to run. So, I move over and then  – WHAM – My forearm rams into on of these bushes! My arm swing was just perfect so that my forearm, close to my elbow hit the branch. YOWSER (to quote Inspector Gadget)! Thank goodness it didn't hit my funny bone or I might of been in some serious uncomfortableness. I did stop to inspect it so that I wasn't going to pass out from loss of blood. There  is a little scratch there. Now, I should be okay, but if Laura and Pam need to take my vitals, I ain't complaining! They are professionals… no really… one's an EMT and the other a nurse…

The only other notable during my run is that I found a Running Bib from the NCAA Championship Quarterfinals that were held here in Knoxville. This but seals the deal that I am going to do a Running Bib website. As much as I dislike (read = get frustrated)  it I may need to use blogger until I can get a WordPress site… actually I should just get the free WP site until I can host my own.

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