swimming indoors practicing outdoors

when I got to the pool today, something wasn't quite right. There were no lifeguards, no swimmers… there were lane lines, but something was out of place. The lane lines. There was about a foot of sag in them… which meant that the pool was about a foot less full than normal. When I enter into the Aquatic Center, there is a big sign that tells us where we will be swimming for recreational swimming. It says either INDOOR or OUTDOOR and today it was on INDOOR. Apparently, one of the motor pumps for the pool was broken, so the pool was essential a big chlorinated puddle and they had 2 different crews of maintenance people working on it. So, in the mean time, they were gluing on new depth tiles, you know, the ones that say “4 feet”, “5 feet”, “20 feet”… The Health Department will ding you if your depth markers aren't there and apparently depth markers don't stay on like the regular tiles. So, a little maintenance here an little maintenance there… E I E I O and we swim indoors.

Drawbacks of swimming indoors: No sunbathers. No chance for me to sunbathe, if needed. No outside air
Advantages of swimming indoors: closer to showers. No hot sun. less UFO (unidentified floating objects). 50 meter lanes.

50 meter lanes! SCORE! The indoor pool is set up for swim practice and is the Olympic distance of 50 meters as opposed to set up widthwise of 25 yards. I know, I know… metric english metric english. I talked about this last year some time… it's in the archives.
The 50m lanes are better to practice because it's more of distance to swim before you push off the wall when you turn around. It's also easier to do the math because I record my swims in meters while my runs are in miles. I know, I know… metric english metric english.

I ended up swimming 800 meters (8 laps) with 1 lap of as fast as I could swim. That went well… I also was practicing looking forward while swimming. In triathlons that are not in a pool (i.e., open water swim) there are large balloons or other bright color floatation device to help the swimmers 'see' where they should be going. Looking forward disrupts the normal freestyle stroke and so requires some practice. Of course in race conditions, the water is choppier… and you have to battle flailing hands and feet, oh and people swimming (literally) over you.

Well, I see that my time here (at work) is over… I guess I will post more later

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