Prayer Alert

Don't fret it's not anything too terrible. My Grandma Boots (Bob's Mother) had emergency surgery to remove her Appendix and her gall bladder.

Apparently her Appendix had Gang Green and was the main culprit of her pains. Her Gall Bladder apparently had not been working for some time.

Anyway, she is out of surgery and doing well. I talked with her for about 30 minutes and she is in good spirits. She is a high risk patient because of her advanced age 78 and is susceptible to infection because of this condition. She'll probably be in the hospital for another 2-3 days. She hopes to have some solid food soon.

So if you can send some prayers, positive energy, warm thoughts, warm fuzzies, or positive vibes (it's your choice) I would greatly appreciate it! More specific than Grandma Boots, it's Katheryn Tripp…

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