Pictures and no sleep

I am really tired today… I didn't get to bed until after midnight, then when the alarm went off at 5am, I set it for 5:30, knowing that I want the extra sleep. Then it was 6:15am when Jen told me what time it was. Ryan had been making noise for about 20 minutes in his crib… not crying just rolling around, etc. We watch Joyce Meyer at 6:30 as part of our together time, but when I get up late, I have to skip it because I get ready for work.

So I was dragging today…

As a result, I decided to swim about 9 laps or 400m (1/4 mile) and that I would take it easy. And that's what I did. I swam the 9 laps and decided to work on my flip turns. When I swim laps, I don't do the flipturn because I do it improperly and get water up my nose. But I took the time to practice flipping up against the wall and after a couple of tries, I was fairly successful. Enough to encourage me to try 3 laps while doing the flip-turn and sure enough, things went okay!

Oh, Pam, I had meant to post on my Expo follow-up that the songs that was playing when I got in the car was “Running on Empty”! Freaky

Speaking of Expo, you can see pictures of dear planet3rry in his moment of dispair.

Go Here and my bib number is 161.

The first thing I noticed was my posture. My neck is forward instead of upright as well as my torso. This makes a it a little more difficult to get a good stride. Also, you can tell that I am tired because my legs close together almost touching as they go by. Also notice my face, you can see red splotches over my face which means that my body temperature was quite right. My hands look nice and loose, so that's probably the best thing going on with this picture.

00020-0047 (at about mile 5.75)
I saw the photographers from a distance, so I improved my running form. Notice my neck and torso are in an upright position. This makes it easier to breathe. I'm not getting great clearance off the ground, but my hind leg is propelling me forward as opposed to scooting around. Hands are still in good form. Also, my arms are higher and in a more active role in my running form as opposed to the previous picture where my arms are angled down.

00033-0078 (at about mile 6)
You can tell that I am beat and that I am walking. My posture isn't upright nor am I looking forward, else I might not have been walking for a picture (grrrrrrrrrr). It looks like I am getting good motion from my arms which means that I am probably walking at a decent but not super fast pace. At this point I was conserving energy because I was not quite to the steep part of the finishing hill

and one final thing… I have to scan the kick ass mail art that Greek Chickie sent me!

okay… last thing (for this post anyway) you can catch audio of me on this week's episode of Phedippidations as give a race report update for the Phedippidations Worldwide Half Marathon Challenge.

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