No Woman, No Cry… No Camera, Cry

A little twist to the Bob Marley song…

If there was every a great chance for some superb shots, it was today and I was powerless because I was cameraless.

The kids at the schools have a 4th of July parade down the street in front of my office. They had a Fire Engine (Number 9) and 3 Blue Hawks which are the Knoxville Police Department's Motorcycle Division. There had to be a ove ra 100 kids and adults walking down the street and the fire engine was making a TON of noise. In fact, towards the end, the fire engine was making all kinds of noises which I think the guy in the cab was having a little too much fun.

This was an opportunity to take pictures for the July Photo Contest over on TNChick. I have all the other pictures (except for the BBQ), but I could <i>make</i> that one if needed. Oh well, maybe next time.

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