More on Tuesday

I have yet one more thing to post before I go off to comment land and leave my sticky handprint on your fine linen.

Since we are going to be driving for most of tomorrow… we decided that we would celebrate our anniversary early. So we have a babysitter for the evening and we are going to do that thing from the Seventies… oh yeah. You know that thing where you stick your thing in the thing and then eat the meat… or bread… or fruit. That's right, pull yourself and your mind out of the gutter because I am talking about FONDUE!

We have reservations at The Melting Pot for melted cholesterol in a bowl. You have cheese… there is no cholesterol in cheese… okay, the bread doesn't have any… there's just a tad in the beef and chicken and duck, but the lobster and shrimp should be okay.  And we ALL know that chocolate doesn't have any cholesterol. So, I will have to watch what I eat the next couple of days… and I hope that the all the cheese does “stop up the plumbing” either…but regardless The Melting Pot is a great experience and yummy food!

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