Monday Schumunday

We actually got a little bit of rain today… yeah, now instead of being 4.5″ deficiet for the year, we are just 4.499″ for the year! YAY!

I am getting hit again with Spam on my photoblog. Grrr… at least now I have a spamblocker that doesn't post the comments to the blog, but hold 'questionable' comments in a detention area. I can then go in and WHACK'em. Hiiiiiii-YAH! (I got 80 spam emails while at lunch)

Friday night started out with a Parent's Night Out… being canceled again. AGH! So, it was a 40 minute drive which actually put both the kids to sleep! So that was okay. Jen and I watched the movie The Terminal with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It was a cute little movie about this guy who is stuck in the Airport Terminal for many months because of a legal loophole when his country of origin is taken over by a militia government and suspends all visas! He meets Catherine Zeta Jones a Flight attendant and his attempts to woo her. I'd give the movie a C+. It's pretty cute, almost a chick flick. It's one of those movies that you should pay money to go to see, but if it came on TV, it's worth watching. Catherine Zeta Jones, as hot as she is, needs to stick to acting in her T-mobile commercials. It may have just been her character, but she seemed very stiff playing this role.

SUPER HUGE KUDOS to for sending me a surprise in the mail which I received on Saturday. I had asked Greg for a few songs by the music group Shonen Kinife. He has on a couple occasions mentioned them and how he liked them, then I read about them from another person. So I asked him for a list of songs that wouldbe a good primer to understand the group. He just emailed back say, “hey, I will just send you a CD”, SWEET! So, I get this package on Saturday and guess what was in there… a Shonen Knife CD and a WATCH! It's his extra watch that he is letting me borrow. Probably because he doesn't want to hear me whine anymore… but I think it's cause he's a great guy. So big thanks to Greg… YAY!

Sunday went well. Ended up being that  went to church and sunday school by myself while Jen stayed home with the kids. We had a 3:40 appointment at Portrait Innovations for some pictures and we wanted the Kids to be at their photogenic best. Turns out that Eric was pretty cranky from being awoken from his nap, but that once we got him to start counting he really liked it. 11 poses and $141 bucks later, we will pick up 36 sheets of pictures! Post them here? Well, I wil try.

FYI, if you know what Coolmax is, then our Old navy had Technical Shirts for $8. That's better than wal-mart! I got green one. You might want to see if the one near you has them still on sale.

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