Father's Day

Over at MetroDad, he posts a video of a commercial that was to air (and probably still will) this weekend on Tiger Woods' dad.

He goes on to says:

Sadly, this Nike commercial was compiled a few weeks before Earl Woods' death and was meant to be Tiger's Father's Day tribute to “make sure all dads everywhere are recognized and appreciated.”  It's so sentimentally touching that every time I watch it, tears come to my eyes.   

So venture over to his site for a look at the video. It's pretty nice. I know there are some fathers who read this blog…

As for my Father's Day, most of you know that my biological father passed away in April. I also have another Father, who legally adopted me, Pete and so I can celebrate Father's Day with him. Of course, there is the Father-In-Law and also My Mom's Dad as well. So, don't forget to call your dad. Or if you don't get along with him, just send him a positive thought his way. Even if you hate him, good will is something that we should be spreading…

And speaking of other Hallmark occassions, tomorrow (Saturday) will mark Ryan the Younger's 1st birthday. Danger Kid has some how survived a year in our household without any major problems. I think now that we have had him a year, that we can't return him. He's a keeper anyway… see…


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