Our actual anniversary was filled with a bunch of running around trying to get packed, kids to school so that we could pack and getting everything else taken care of so that we could get the kids and leave at a fairly early time.

The kids preschool started at 9:00, so I loaded up the kids and the dog into the van with intention of dropping the kids, then the dog and then going for a trail run near my house and be back at a reasonable time.

The kids were dropped off about 5 minutes late (according to Terry's Schedule) but still not a big problem. I then made my way to drop the woof woof off at the vet's and wthat only took about 5 minutes as well, so I was now only about 5 minutes off from when I was expecting to run. Then I got hunger pains… dangit!

If I had been smart, I would have just hit one of 5 convenient stores on the way to the park to grab a Powerbar, but instead, I went off and went into the new Food City and wandered around for a while before I found the nutrition bars. So, that cost me about 10 minutes and by the time I finally got to the park, My 45-60 minute run was now only going to be 30 max. I even contemplated abandoning my run but I decided that I would go ahead and do it since I knew that I wouldn't be running Fri/Sat/Sun.

At Concord Park, I ended up running 2.75 miles all on the trail. I could have ran longer, but I was out of time. I did have the trails all ampped out with distances, etc but I couldn't find that map… pooh. I thought for sure that I had ran longer, but I will stick with 2.75 until I can prove otherwise. it was really nice to run under some shade and I was still pretty sweaty and icky despite the shade. I only saw a few birds and some squirrels, no other creautres were spotted. A few sticks and roots did resemble snakes though…

I am hoping to run in a few of the trail races that we have around in the Knoxville area, especially the one at Concord Park, the race is aptly name The Trail that Couldn't Be Concord, I had to say it out loud before I go the witty race title.

Well, a mad race home, shower, pack and more pack until right before 2:00 when we had to get the kids. We got the kids. My Elder is a bully… ugh! By the time we got out, it was 2:30. Made our way out and on the highway until my Lovely and Talented wife remembered something that she needed. And we had to go back to the house. We made it back to the house, got the stuff and on our way. We even made an errand on the way out and on the highway again, away from Knoxville, she remember that she never got the stuff that we went home for in the first place. However, going on pure memory, she saved us from making the second trip home.

The trip up to Colonial Heights was uneventful or I have already repressed the memories. we ditched the kids off at Pa-Pa's house and J-Lo was there to help with kids, which took place around midnightish. We then booked it up to Richmond and checked into the Marriott for our night of Anniversary bliss without the kids (RAOW). However, like classic, tired parents… we made it to our room and went right to sleep. Luckily, we didn't have any kids to wake us up at 5am in the morning!

Okay, I Like Deepest Sender plugin for Firefox, but I realize that I have to install Spellbound for the spelling to work. I apologize for the misspelled words. – management

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