Thursday's run was a decent run. I had wanted to go a little easy on the pace but that didn't happen. It was going to be a hot one, and as I mentioned in the Voicepost… it was! I ended up going 4 miles on my Market Square loop and was pretty consistent. The positive split times (the time getting longer) was to be expected given the heat of the day. I am pretty confident that I would be able run around a 24:15 5k at the present time. I do need to work more on my speed to get it down closer to my faster race conditioning of 23:00-23:30. Anything faster than that is gravy and with my longer run season coming up, I don't think I will get down that far. Of course, if I don't do a fall marathon, I could take a stab at my current 5k PR time of 21:56. Hmmm… something to think about I guess.

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 1.0 8:19 8:19  
2 2.0 3.0 17:15 8:38 25:34  
3 1.0 4.0 9:25 34:59  

I did not workout at lunchtime. Instead I went to lunch with guys here at work. Mainly just for posterity and keep me on the good side of them. The youngest of the group wasn't here today, he's 18 years my senior which meant that the next youngest guy was about 22 years my senior. Nothing wrong with that, just they aren't part (or really understand/tolerate) my generation. You picking up what I am putting down… yo!

Anyway,we have a birthday party this evening a public park called The Cove. The nice thing about The Cove is that it on the lake which means I might have an opportunity to do some open water swimming! But that probability is pretty low. As for the weekend it should be low-key. The highlight will be the Coffee Tasting thing our church puts on from time to time. As a fundraiser they sell Coffee, Tea, Chocolate from the Equal Exchange program. It's basically a program that guarantees equal pay for the small farmers and their products than getting the once over from large corporations. And if you are an almost tree-hugging, processed granola bar, plastics 1&2, aluminum and mixed paper/cardboard, earth loving dude or dudess like me… you will be happy to know that most of their products are certified organic. So, I will have to send a field report…

Great here's our current weather for knoxville this Friday Afternoon:
fun, fun

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