Weekend Update

First of all congratulations to Rae and Brent of Running Into A Brick Wall and 150mg of Happiness for their 1 hour and 52 minute half marathon at the Flying Pig Marathon this past Sunday! Way to go! You can follow the links about for narrative and pictures (pictures coming soon) of the event. Rae always has a great write-up on her running adventures and this one has plenty of action… elbows are flying at the end of the race… why? you have to find out!

My weekend was pretty much eaten up with just stuff. That's about it. I will tackle Saturday first… it's logical. Saturday Morning from 8-2 was taken up with Habitat for Humanity. Our Sunday school class volunteered to work one weekend and this was our weekend. Saturday's goal, erect the trusses… 20 of them to be exact. We arrive onsite in a dense fog and could see no further than 0.1 of a mile or less in some parts. The fog, turned out to be not a problem because we had about 1.5 hours of equipment prep, paperwork, standing around, setting up, glove fitting, hardhat wearing and other semi-productive stuff until the work started. Every part of house has it's importance… if the foundation isn't right, the frame won't be right and if the frame isn't right, the trusses won't be right and if the trusses aren't right, the singles won't fit right…

So we had the trusses, the wooden frame of the roof. If this were Sesame Street, the trusses would be the closest thing to where The Count would count his bats… ONE bat in the belfrey, TWO…. All 20 of the trusses were sitting outside the house, on the ground. There were 3 crews, the outside crew, the inside crew and the Truss Monkeys. I was part of the inside crew. But before we had any work to do, the outside crew had to prep the trusses. Their job was to carry them from their delivery point and position them at the front door, which was about 9 feet above ground level. When we were ready, the outside crew would “pass” the truss, upside down to us through the front door and we would fit the truss (still upside down) on the two outside walls. When would then take Truss Paddles (we called them Truss plungers) and flip them 90 degrees and slide them across the frame (i.e. walls) of the house to the end of the house. When they were needed the 2 Truss Monkeys would receive the truss as we used the plungers to push the trusses the other 90 degrees to their final upright position. It took 5 people on the outside crew and 5 people for the inside crew just to get the trusses into the house. It then took 4 people with plungers to slide the truss to the Truss Monkeys. Then 2 people would then use the plungers to erect the truss, while 2 people where at the ends to nail it to the two outside walls. The last person was a go-fer with the nail gun, truss locks, 2x4s, level or anything else that was needed. The truss monkeys would use truss locks to make sure that the trusses where the proper distance apart and that they were secure to each other.

Everything went well and no one was hurt. Some of us were a little sunburned once the sun broke through. All in all it was very successful and the couple that is getting the house was there. Pretty darn neat. I do have pictures and will post them in the near future.

Sunday was just house stuff. It rained part of the day, so that didn't help very much…

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