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So the watch issue is not dead yet. There is more to it. Before I decided to get the Fossil watch, I decided that I would raise the Triax watch from the dead. It was acting funny before the battery went dead, but it would satisfy the need for a watch. Oh, with everything with the funeral… I had NO idea what day of the week or month for that matter is was. The Fossil watch has no date or month or anything like that. So, I really wanted to get something to help me out… so enter in: The Plan (MUHAAHAHHAHAAHAHAH).

The Plan (MUHAAHAHHAHAAHAHAH) was that I would take the battery out of the Timex and put it in the Triax. BRILLIANT. GENIUS. BRAVO. So, I carefully took apart the Triax watch and laid out all the parts out on the counter… hey.. where does this tiny tiny spring go? huh! Next I took apart the Timex with all it's little screws. Then I carefully remove the Triax battery and then carefully removed the Timex battery. And what do you know, they are different sizes. WTF! (#*%&(#&% Marketing Dudes (or Dudettes). Can we all get along and have standard batteries… it's a conspiracy! Did you know that AAA, AA, C and D all have the same 1.5V voltage output? Yup… it's all about the benjamins, baby!

So, feeling defeated, I took out a snacksized ziploc bag and put the respective “parts” into their own bag and they are in the laundry room awaiting, either a timely funeral OR a frankenstein session… more likely the former. That's when I went sulking to the bedroom to get the Fossil watch.

So now I am eye-balling this little gem. The color scheme of it makes it suitable for Plant3rry's dress watch for most occasions. I know that my friend Gray would like to have it because it's Oakland Raider colors. I am not sure if I am going to get it just from a short cashflow right now. Although for my sanity, I should just buy it. Of course, the Almighty wal-mart Friendly Target store may have something that would work just fine in a pinch. If that chick that I tutored in Stats would pay me, then I'd be okay.

So now to current events. Judging by the scantly clad co-eds at the pool today, swimming is more popular than things like… oh exams. What[slight pause]Ever…
Anyway, I decided to avoid the crowd at the pool and took off for a preplanned easy run to Market Square and back. This run would be 3.63 miles and should be scenic enough, not to be boring so I left the techno-gadgets on my desk and my silver Fossil watch in the locker. I don't even have my LiveStrong band on right now, which is okay because I am awaiting my MS Society one in the mail. I headed out and had a good pace going. I kept trying to slow down and the crowded streets did help to keep the speed down. I was still sore from Monday and Tuesday and didn't want to do too much damage. On the way back, the Baptist Student union (or some other church related entity) had a tent out with free water, snacks, etc. Obviously as a good marketing attempt to get their name out. Had I not been running past, I would have been suckered into that marketing scheme… free is good. But as I ran past I looked at the tent and the goodies on the table thinking “Hey, this is like a marathon”, then one of the girls that was advertising their free loot to passerbys says (to me) “Sir, Sir, would you like some free water?”. The first thing I thought of… was “Sir?”… my oh my I am getting old. I mean, it would be mathematically possible for me to have a college age child right now, but still. I responded “No thanks, I am just about finished, thank you though!” And that, my friends, was the excitement of today's run. I have NO idea how fast I ran… it may have been faster than a 9:00 min pace.

Tomorrow, I may have Ryan at lunchtime while Jen is having a working lunch, but I may go and donate blood since it's that time again (I almost said “of the month” ugh!). Marty and I may run on Friday. On Saturday I am going with our Sunday School class Partners in Christ (which everytime I say it almost say Partners in Crime) to help with the house that our church is building for Habitat for Humanity. Apparently we are doing Trusses or something roof/frame related. I will try to take pictures.

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