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OKay… I could not voicepost last night and I am upset about that. I have to see if the number I have works and I will put in backup numbers. Anyway… last night was busy but it turned to be a great time.

After work, I made a bad choice to not take the interstate, since I had to run to the Mall for a few Mother's Day items. I then had to swing across the street to AC Moore for a few items and found some good treasures there. Quick and efficient. I then tried to figure out where I was going to eat. It was close to 6pm and I wanted to be back on UT campus and ready to run at 6:30. I made ANOTHER error and did not take the interstate, but luckily, the traffic back into town was light and it probably was a little slower but not by much.

I made the decision to NOT get dinner before running, that I would just suck it up and run hungry. And since I chose not to take the time to eat, I was able to be ready and starting my run at 6:29pm. Since Jen was not in town yet, I brought my mobile phone with me, just in case there was an emergency. And I had the most BRILLIANT revelation. My phone, has a stop watch feature! Why DUHHHHHHHHHHHH. Of course it does… why didn't I think about this… well, it was about 1/2 way through the 1st mile that I thought of it, so I am not that sharp, but I did figure it out. I also decided that instead of running a new route, I should run a route that I knew. I figured that if I got back to the T-recs building at around 7:15, I could be in the car around 7:30 and go to Subway (because it's close) and get parked by 8:00.
I ran 5 miles in about 46 minutes, but I did stop at the halfway point for a breather. I did capture the times for miles 2, 3 and 4. which are here:

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 1.0 7:52 This was Mile 2
2 1.0 2.0 8:26 This was Mile 3
3 1.0 3.0 8:45 This was Mile 4

So I have a band-aid for my watch problem. I got back, showered, changed. I was 164 on the weight scale in the locker room. Which sounds about right, I would be curious to see what my morning weight was since, when I was recording my weight, that is when I weighed myself. I was out of the T-recs and to the car. Drove right to subway… parked right up front… I was the only one in line. Despite the young chap caling me “sir”, it went well. I got my sandwich and headed out to Market Square. I ate my sandwich on the way. I had a little problem with parking. I finally found a city parking lot (they are all free after 6pm) and went around and around and around until level 6 which was on the top… finally a space. So I grabbed my new windshirt and headed down 6 flights of stairs… I didn't want to wait for the elevator.

I couldn't beleive how many people where there… it was cool. I got my wristband to show that I was of legal drinking age and went over to the beer ticket place. I could either get a domestic beer for $3 or premium for $4. Since Budweiser was hosting, I knew that domestic beer=crap and being that I typically do not buy cheap beer but rather inexpensive beer, I opted for 2 of the premiums. The Premium choices were Sunrye Ale and a Nut Brown Ale (name I did not get). Even though I like Brown Ales, I chose the Sunrye as it was a lighter beer and easily drinkable. I wandered around toward the stage among the sea of people. I did see one person with a circa 1990s They Might Be Giants t-shirt on… I actually had an XTC – English Settlement T-shirt on since I figured that people here would know who they were.

There were quite a variety of people here… Mostly on the young side, but couples, families, homeless people, granola-looking bohemian types, preppies, a girl with COOL blue hair… not bright blue but a whispy baby-blue color in her hair. Despite all these people, I saw no one that I knew. *sigh*
They started the set with Birdhouse In Your Soul, The Sun (is a mass of incandescent gas), a song off the TMBG podcast, a song from their upcoming album…
Then I needed another beer.
They also played Fingertips, Dr. Worm, Number 3, some songs off their State Songs DVD/CD combo… [ed. – They did play Particle Man]
While I was off for more beer, they played
Boss of Me (from Malcolm in the Middle)
This was when I intially tried to Voicepost and spent some time trying to figure that out. I was at the back of Market Square and so I figured the sound would be such that I would be comprehendable.

I ended up on the Stage Left side and could see the band without a huge crowd around me. I called Jen while I was there and while I was talking with her they played Alphabet of Nations which is a song off their Here Comes the ABCs, a favorite DVD of Erics. And finished off with Snail Shell (one of my favorites). I was screaming for E Eats Everything and D is for Drums… I figured if I could get the drummer's attention, that they might play it. It did not work.

So, I am standing there and these two little kids stand next to me. I look down and think “Hey, I recognize those kids… that's Paul and Zoe!” And sure enough… as I look aorund there is Solange with David. Marty was right there as well. So, during the encore… I found people I knew. They finished the night with Istanbul (not Constantinople).

They played for a little more than an hour and I wish it had gone longer. But hey, it was FREE… so I ain't complaining. There was only one little political rant during the whole show, so that wasn't too bad… their not like Bono of U2 that get's up there and preach. They are there to have fun and play some good music and they are great live.

So let's recap the day:
[x] Saw my mom in the morning
[x] Hugged the kids
[x] Went to work, only because I have too
[x] Ran 3.48 miles at lunch
[x] Ran some errands
[x] Ran 5 miles at dinner time
[x] Ate dinner
[x] Drank beer while watching one of my very favorite groups live
[x] Jen made it safely back from Kentucky
[ ] voice post – DAMN IT!

I'm not complaining…

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