The first half

What crazy weather we had this morning. All morning long, it looked like the sky was going to open up and then the sun would poke through. This cycle went around and around all morning. Then, the wind picked up. I am guessing that the gusts were about 20mph at its worst.

As I was walking to the aquatic center, the wind was ahowling and the sky was getting darker. I debated with myself whether I should swim, run or bike. My legs were sore from yesterday's long run and I thought that maybe a bike would be in order. After all, it wouldn't be windy or rainy and my legs might appreciate different muscle groups taking the load. Then I thought, it's fun to swim in the rain and the wind wouldn't be too much of a factor. The pool water would be cold, but refreshing and sure enough, they were still having outdoor swimming, so that was still an option. But today was a running day… and when it's a running day…you run. Unless it's cold, windy with a threat of rain, then you try to decide at the very last moment. So, I had my id card swiped and went into the locker room. It came to the point, do I put my trunks on or running shorts… and I decided that I wanted to get extra mileage in today since I had the chance and so I decided that I would brave the elements and run. The next question was… what course.

Well, you can see by the link above, what course I took. The sky kept looking like it was going to split open any minute and thought what course I should take that would not leave me too far from the aquatic center or just shelter for that matter in case the sky's bottom fell out. I actually made it about 1.5 miles before any rain came down. And the rain wasn't all that bad, it was more of a light drizzle than anything else. The wind, on the other hand, was something else. Ever since the first step, the wind was a problem. It always seemed to be a tailwind too… what's up with that? I mean sheesh.

Right in front of the football stadium, the wind was a terrible headwind and then in a matter of 2-3 steps it was a significant tailwind. What gives? The tailwind was nice, don't get me wrong, but it was encouraging me to run faster and I had been at such a great pace up to this point that I really didn't want to speed up or slow down. Just further down the road at the curve around the baseball the field, I came out from some trees and was pushed sideways from a blast of wind. Goodness Gracious! I think I had a good resistance workout. I ran for about half an hour or so for 3.48 miles…

So now that it's about 2 hours after I finished and the wind has died out and now the sun is coming through and it the day looks nice. *sigh*… On the brightside, this will make the second run today that much nicer. And also given the more relaxed running window, I can enjoy the run more. But… what course should I take… HAHAA! Decisions Decisions. Actually, I did call Marty up and left a message to check his availability. Well have to see… I could run just about anywhere, I'll have a shower at the T-recs building, so my course is pretty much wide open right now. Maybe I will go and plot some courses.

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