Race Week

Ever since we have had kids and gone from making two corporate incomes to making a university income and running a business from home, my running budget has been curtailed greatly. Mostly by the time factor of running races, they eat up most of Saturday morning given where they are being held and how long the race. Also, at about $15 a pop, running the races can be expensive over a year. Here in the Knoxville area there is a race almost every weekend, somewhere within an hour, so the opportunity to run is abundant.

Now, the KTC does offer a number of incentives to make races affordable. One, they offer a no shirt option on some races. So, if you pre-register it's $15, minus $3 KTC discount, minus $5 no shirt option, the race is $7. Not bad. And I donate most of my shirts anyway… so will I miss another shirt… nope. The other way is through their volunteer program. At each race you receive a coupon. This coupon is basically the equivalent of $5, or $5 KTC monopoly money… you can redeem the coupon for KTC apparel or use it to register FREE for a race. I ran, Strawplains Half marathon this year for free.

So that all leads up to… I don't race as often as I would like and as a result when I do race, each race is important. Since I have to chose which races I want to run, I make sure that they're the special ones. This weekend is the Expo 5k/10k, which used to be one of Knoxville's Premier Road Races. Now, with the unlimited choice in races, the addition of the marathon the race has lost some of it's prestige, but with this year being its 29th running… it is Knoxville's oldest. It is a fine race by all means, although it doesn't support any specific charity, it does support the KTC which does an outstanding job supporting races that DO support a charity.

CRAP! I need a watch! Holy Foresight Batman! I just (and how many degrees do I have???) realized that I won't be able to do split times at Expo. Okay… I am going to take a hit in the running budget (i.e. set it to ZERO) and get a watch from wal-mart that I can use. It's one thing to train without one, but to have the splits for an actual race is much more informative.

Later this week I am going to dig back into the archives and pull out the race reports form the past Expos. And seeing that Saturday is race day, I am in a mini-taper mode for this week. My training for this week will look like this:

Monday: Run – I am actually going to practice the finish
Tuesday: Rest – Meeting with a past professor about a paper to publish
Wednesday: Run – Probably try to run more of the course.
Thursday: Swim – about 800-1200m
Friday: Rest – Packet Pickup

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon