I spent most of the morning going through each of the categories for the 2006 Photobloggies. One of my daily reads is Laura of The Artful Blogger's photoblog site called Photo of the Day. Although, the actual posting of a photo a day has not been so consistent over the past few months, the quality is awesome. Most of her subjects are around her home in Maryland, but not all. I really enjoy her work and have her RSS feed in Sage (Firefox Plugin).

I bring this up because I nominated her for one of these awards including Photo of the Year. Unfortuantely, she did not make any of the finalists this year.

I clicked on each of the links and then went to the Archive section of the Photoblog, if I generally liked what I saw in the Archive section, I captured the RSS feed. There were only a few photoblog that I could not find their feed, if they choose to have one. I now have 15+ new feeds to look at each and everyday.

These were two websites that didn't have RSS feed that looked pretty cool nominated for Best Photoblog Design nominated for Best Under 18 Photoblog

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