Ph. Ds are funny people

As part of Race Week for Expo, today was a rest day for me. It worked out that 2 professors have invited me to contribute to submit a paper to a journal and today we were having a working lunch. The two professors are two of my professors from my Masters in Statistics that I earned in 2004, one of which was my mentor during my time as a student at UT. Eccentric in so many ways, he is a beacon of optimism and the joy of living. Partially from the fact that he and his wife have more physical ailments than the number of baseball players on steroids.

So, now as my side project, I am writing a paper which, not to bore you [HEY, WAKE UP] is about reliability and how to estimate downtime given certain situation. For Pam, because she has a very inquisitive mind, it's based on a paper by a guy named Gaver from 1963. This paper is an off-shoot of my Master's project that got me a piece of paper that says I am supposed to be smurt at statistics.

So lunch was excellent and in the semi-distance future, your very own P3 will be published in a journal no one will ever read or mention in conversation. In this doctrine, I will have to encode the Planet3rry code which will prove that Harry Potter does NOT practice wizardry but a secretive form of yoga and voodoo.

I am actually glad that I took the day off because my hamstrings are sore from the speedwork yesterday and with hill work from tomorrow, the rest day is welcomed. The only thing that could be a problem is that my house is some viral factory right now. Both Eric the Elder and Ryan the Younger were in sad shape yesterday… lots of crying and drama… Eric will follow his Daddy's footsteps and be a 'theatre fag', he is the drama king. Anyway, dinner for Eric was bread, slice of cheese, cheerios [submit Dad of the Year award to…]. Ryan was just feeling miserable, which actually wasn't all that bad because, if you held him, he didn't try to explore. He's usually as wily as a ferret (we had 3 at one time) and is hard to hold. This morning, Ryan was fine and Eric was jumping on his bed… Jen on the other hand, is a different story. I actually “feel” okay… I have a slight cough but I have no fever or feel bad… so if I can make it to Saturday Afternoon without a malady, I will be most happy.

I should have Habitat for Humanity Pictures up soon!

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