I realized yesterday as I got back to a point where I am comfortable at the number of tasks to do, I still have other things that I needed to blog about. Such as what the hell I did Monday and Tuesday .

I really wish my watches worked. I have two athletic watches a Orange Nike Triax and an Orange Timex Ironman Sleek watch. The Triax was a birthday gift I bought myself in 2001 when I turned 30. Apart from it sticking out to kingdom come and being a little on the heavier watch, it worked very well. It would store 300 Laps, which meant that a year's worth of split times could be stored on it and it was also angled so that it was easier to read when running. It was not a good everyday watch, but it sufficed. Eventually, the band holder broke and like any good engineer, I MacGyvered a solution. I used a zip-tie and cut the excess off… that worked great but it was time to get a new watch, so off to eBay I went. I discovered that Timex had a 50 lap sleek watch for around 35 dollars shipped. Done and Done… I had a new watch.

The Timex was extremely light and easy to read although it did not have the angled watch face. The band was not the traditional spring loaded post. It was molded around the watch face so that if it broke you had to replace the entire watch… some marketing guy should get a raise for that one. Anyway, that is what happened, the watch face came separated and so the watch was in essence a pocket watch. Alas, like any good engineer, I MacGyvered another solution. This time it did not take duct tape, but super glue. Now Super Glue is pretty super but it does wear over time for most materials. And so periodically, the Richard Dean Anderson in me would remedy the situation until one day, while on the lake, the face went Pahluup… right into the water. So, some catfish is going to be on time to his next appointment. That brought me to buying another Timex watch of the same model, just in a different color this time. Like any good East Tennessean, anything in orange is worth wearing. So, I bought… off eBay again another Timex Sleek watch. Score!

About 2 months ago the Indiglo part of the watch stopped working. Then about a month ago, the watch would periodically reset itself. UGH! Then, it would start communicating with the International Space Station and send weird text messages. So, I retired that watch and went, in essence naked. I couldn't handle not having a watch on my arm. You have to realize that I wore that watch ALL the time, 24 hours a day. I never, ever took it off. Unless I was in a tuxedo, I wore that watch. So, I went and had a silver Fossil, that I gotten one Christmas fitted so that I had a watch to wear. I hated being 'naked' even though I don't really mind being naked. So, now I feel like a total Goob with this silver watch on… I really feel like some corporate drone in a polo shirt and dress pants who comes to work to do the job for The Man. I am loosing my runner identity… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. End dramatics there.

So that verbose lead in brings me to the real point… what I did Monday. Monday at lunch, I ran for the first time since April 17th, but sans watch. I ran 4 miles and it felt like I was flying… but I didn't have a watch to tell the time because there was NO WAY, I was going to wear a silver casual watch during an athletic endeavor. That would be like wearing black dress socks with running shoes… and I don't go that route. Hmmm… that sounds alot like vanity, maybe I need to work on that issue. Anyway, the run went really well and was getting hot on the way back, so I tried to even out my marathon tan (face only). I was pretty sore on Tuesday, but that brings me to Tuesday…

I decided that I should go ahead and workout and not take a rest day. My legs were sore, but I thought a nice little workout would get that lactic acid out of my legs. So, I headed up to the aquatic center in the rain nonetheless. There was not a lifeguard on duty, so I decided that I would go into the T-Recs building and either bike or treadmill. Since there was inclement weather, the machines were about full, but a few stationary bikes were open. I ended doing a 20 minute, Fat Burning course on level 15 (out of 20) and ended up going 7.5 miles. I was really pleased at the effort. My legs were sore in the lower quads, so in 2 days, I had a great leg workout. I am not sore on Wednesday and will probably end up doing an easy run through downtown.

I will continue on the watches later…

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