Let's Get Physical

Physical… gonna get physical… What a nice piece of 80's Americana… australian Olivia Newton John in leg warmers and a head band pretending to work out. That could have made a budding young buck feel a little funny… but I digress (and it doesn't get any better).

Today's post on physical does not have to deal with music, but everything to deal with that annual appointment with your medical professional that you should have periodically. Today was that day for me. So it starts up with NOT eating anything since going to bed. Waking up at regular time (about 5:00am), taking a 30 minute “nap” from 5:00am to 5:30am, then getting ready for the day. At 7am (remember, I haven't eaten) the biscuits for Eric and Jen were ready. I had to pass over all the other food in the kitchen except for my lunch which I did not want to forget. Food. So I arrived at the doctor's office at 8:52 for my 9:00 appointment. At 8:55, I was being called back to find my “room” which didn't have any food in it. I had my vitals taken, blood pressure was fine (don't remember the numbers) and then it was time for the Chest X-ray. Donning the fashionable Medical smock, I had nice pictures taken of my insides. Any food? Then I provided a nice little sample that I usually send to Knoxville Utility Board. Not to be confused with [content removed]. And then back to my room for an EKG or EEG, or EGG or EAR or EAS or E-somethin' somethin'. It was the whole body one. Then the doc came in for his little shpeel and poking and proding. My doc is very nice and professional. I updated him on my foot and marathon endeavor. I had the coughy-coughy exam, although I was never asked to cough. I had gotten the “Man exam” last year and so I didn't need to get it this year, like you wanted to know, right? But I know that you were wondering… [content removed] THEN, after he was done, the nurse came in for some blood. FINALLY!

First place I went after the doctor's office… Pilot Food Mart for coffee and donuts! I should get a call in a few days with the results. I probably will need to go on low power cholestoral medication since I have no will power and the 42oz bag of cholestoral mini eggs was semi-fresh in my system. The only thing going for me is that I have cut back the amount of ice cream and other dairy products… not completely, just Government spending-type cut backs.

So today's workout went from a leisurely run around campus (the plan in my head) to a steady tempo run around the outskirts of campus, where I attacked the hills. 2.69 miles of wandering around at about a 9 minute pace. In case you really need to see where I ran today: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=170544 and the nice thing is that the satellite picture resolution is much finer now. You can make out “people” on the sidewalks now. I still am running “naked” so that is my best guess at time. IF our babysitter shows up tonight, I may go and get a filler watch until I can afford to get the one that I want.

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