I forgot Da Kruza, my 1GB USB Drive that has most of my life on it. It's my portable hard drive with everything from all 4 of our websites, pictures that still need to be processed, my calendar and a bunch of other stuff. I also forgot my day planner… which isn't as big of a deal, but it still had the stuff that I wanted/needed to get done today… *sigh*

I haven't really missed it, there was some stuff that I could have done today if I would
have had the drive. I realized that my Photoblog is dead in the water right now and all the picture to upload are on the USB drive. There is also some HTML coding that I have in a text file that I use for this site, so that I am not typing out the code each and everytime. I do have a backup of that on this computer, so that makes it nice.

Today, we had soe slight rain at lunch time (it's sunny now), so that made me weary about what I should do… I had wanted to do run the finish of the Expo 10k since they have a new route due to construction. It's much more uphill at the end and I don't want it to be a surprise. But with the rain, I risked get soaked far from the aquatic center. I could have road the bike, but I wanted to run today. I then thought that I could do speed work on the track. Even though I hadn't planned on doing formal speedwork this week, I could work it in today, keep it short and be fine. I'd then shift practicing the finish on Wednesday, as I always take 2 days before any race as non-running days. So I'll swim on Thursday.

When I finally made it out to the track there was a Lady Vol (don't know which one) absolutely flying around the track. She was fast. I had my mobile phone out there so that I could capture my split times. My phone is a clam shell and was able to clamp it shut on the waistband of my Umbros. This worked real well… when I was ending a lap, I could hit the button… not as efficient as a watch, but still as good.

During my workout, I thought that I was really tired… I was not able to keep up a good 400m without really hurting. Of course, I wanted to show off to the Lady Vol out there that some old guy could maintain a good pace (definitely not as fast as hers). I didn't realize I had sabotaged my own training because of her… what a…dumb move on my part. I actually felt bad about my workout until I figured out my split times for the 1.5 miles (6 laps) that I ran.

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 400m 400m 1:56 7:46 1:56 warmup lap
2 400m 800m 1:31 6:06 3:27 Speed Interval
3 400m 1200m 2:06 8:24 5:33 Recovery Lap
4 400m 1600m 2:27 9:48 7:50 I gave 200 meters, but then died and had to walk
5 400m 2000m 1:43 6:41 9:33 &nbsp
6 400m 2400m I didn't time this lap, but I ran comfortably around the track, then decided to run a 100 m sprint at the end to finish the lap.

What changed my mind about this workout was that my first lap, at a sub-8 min pace was very comfortable. I felt like I was going alot slower than 8 minute miles. Then the 6:06 pace for 400m… although I couldn't keep that pace for a whole mile, it was the one of the fastest pace times since the marathon in March. However, it did take a toll on me. I did have to run easily for almost 0.5 mile before I could keep a good pace again. The 5th lap is what I am most happy about. Since I was hurting after a while to be able to complete a lap at that pace was exciting. Now, if I could do that pace for a whole mile… WUH-HAH-HUH. This seems to point that my goal of a sub-50 is within reach. It may be around a high 49 minute predicted time… I'll do that on another day. I'm not sure if I would be able to touch my 48:06 time, but I would not rule it out though.

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