201 and everything is normal. This is the message that I received from my doctor's office. [whisper]The 201 is my cholesterol number.[/whisper] So, perhaps 84oz of Mini-Eggs and 42 Cadbury cream eggs might have some cholesterol lowering properties… hmmmmm worth looking into. Or it could be the Flax seed oil. No, it's not the 'Flax seed oil' that Barry Bonds was told to say he was talking when getting some 'dirty' from Balco. No, this is Sam's Brand Flax Seed Oil in large horse-size pills. Flax seed leaves a better taste in your mouth and on your breath than Fish Oil. Also, ground up Flax seed is great in oatmeal or as a muffin topper. Not to be confused with “Muffin Tops” i.e. Love handles that are seen because (typically) women, where a mid-drift shirt who should not be wearing a mid-drift shirt. Oh, and to keep on this whole random stream of consciousness blurb… there are more cases of Melanoma on the stomach and lower back because of this exposure. AND… one last thing… I heard that women with lower back tattoos (because their just like everyone else) are being refused epidurals because there is a greater danger of the ink getting into the spinal column and the Anesthesiologistsaren't playing that game.

And I am going to wager money that a certain someone emails me or responds about something that I posted… I can count on it! They are curious like that… person and question will be revealed at a later date…

I am trying to get this post before lunch and in Terry fashion, I am multi-tasking and will no doubt forget important things for the run today like shorts or towels or something. Today is going to be a two-a-day. I will be running at lunch and will try to run afterwork but before the concert. Or maybe run to the concert. I'd only be a little stinky… heehee

Okay… I got to get my running bag loaded and ready plus get my MP3 player ready… I wish I had a watch…

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon