Last night was a big night for 2 shows that I had a mild interest in watching. They were Fox's That 70's Show and NBC's Will & Grace. We actually watched the Series Finale of Will & grace and flipped over to see That 70's show's ending. Neither show was a “must see” for us, although if the show was on, we would watch it and knew the basic plot line to know what was going on in the show.

That 70's Show
Take the wife of Phoebe's Brother who she was the surrogate mother of their triplets. Mix in one of the Star Trek Characters from Star Trek VI and you have the parents of Eric Foreman, which is a rather normal name than his real life Topher Grace. Add in Wilmer Valderamma, the Foriegn Exchange Student (FES) who his character couldn't get any action but in real life dated some hotties. Aston Kutcher as the dumber than Jesse in Dude, Where's My Car but played accurately. Danny Masterson as the FIGHT THE ESTABLISHMENT Loner, who ends up dating the trendy girl. Who is Mila Kunis, the voice of Meg from The Family Guy. Then there is Donna, Eric Foreman's Love/lust interest during the series.

The series was generally well written and entertaining. The Show's finale ended extremely smart with it being Dec 31st 1979 and the last shot lingers in the basement (where most of the pot smoking, beer drinking, heavy thinking happened) as the party upstairs is chanting: five, four, three, two, one… fin.

Too bad Fox already tried a That 80's Show, or else they may have been able to continue the vibe.

Will & Grace (and Jack & Karen)
Take a college couple, toss in some chemistry, add in one of them being gay, shake and *poof* you have a series. Fast Forward a few years… add in a over the top gay man and a drunk, drugged, gold digger with a caring heart for her friends and *poof* you have a hit series.

I don't think there was an episode that I didn't laugh during Will & Grace. There was always something that was pretty funny and entertaining. Jack's high energy physical comedy was always unpredictable and Karen's smartass remarks often made the scene. I thought that the final hour was very “rushed” and although it was entertaining, it wasn't all that funny. The series was on for 8 years and was pretty much around that time frame, but the last episode spanned about 20 years in a hour. I won't spoil the end, but it seemed too rushed…

Season Finale ER
Although it had been quite a while since we'd seen ER, we decided to watch it, well because it was on. We knew most of the story lines, but was like, who is that doctor? What's her name. Anyway, one of the story lines is about a doctor who re-enlists and is killed in Iraq . In this episode, his wife has to wrestle with his death as he is given a funeral with Full military honors. Well, while I was watching it, it reminded me of Bob's Funeral almost a month ago. The playing of amazing grace, the 21 gun salute and the folding of the American Flag that covered the casket was all really hard to watch, although I did. I'm just glad that I was going to bed after and didn't really have to dwell much about it last night.

Today's swim went really well. Despite this week's colder temperature and today's high wind, there was actually some sunbathers out there today… about 8 of them. And there were about 4 of us swimming, so the lifeguards didn't have a whole lot to worry about. I ended up swimming 1646 meters, which is just over a mile. Most of the distance, I swam freestyle but the last few laps I swam breast stroke. I was very pleased, with the workout and tonight and tomorrow, I know I will be very hungry as this was a full body workout.

I HAVE to share this from Rooney from Off the Top of My Head
From his webiste…

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the Internet in the last five months, then odds are you’ve stumbled across SNL’s “Lazy Sunday” video (or one of the 5,000 spoofs of it). If, by chance, you haven’t seen it yet (and it’s worth a watch) you can find it here.

Anyway, as mentioned, there are a gazillion spoofs of the video (yes, I counted). But this one is great. A couple of soldiers in Iraq grabbed a camera and a computer and put this together for their friends and family back home—and now their Internet celebrities.

I give you: “Lazy Ramadi”…

I couldn't embed the YouTube plugin, but this link should get you to the video.

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