Here is my Course Map for today's excursion at lunch. It was a little shorter than I was anticipating, but I think that I could lengthen it a bit if needed. Judging by the clock in the aquatic center, it took me about 30 minutes, which would have made the pace about 8:48 for the 3.41 miles. It was a nice course since it had flat spots but did have some stairs and other hills. I only had to go up a 1/3 of the Lake Loudon hill, which was enjoyable. If I could lengthen it out to 4 miles, I think that would be perfect since my 4 mile out on JW Greenway is a little boring especially if it's the same course that I use for the 5 mile length.

Tomorrow I am supposed to run with Marty or we may swim. I dunno yet, I have to call him.

On a family related topic, Ryan the Younger took about 3 steps and then a face plant. I was able to catch it on film and will be posting over on the Family blog when I get a chance.

My finaly 42oz bag of Mini Eggs will be gone tonight *sniff

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