Whole Week Update

This whole week has been filled with the wedding. I really haven't had a chance to talk about any running or other blabberings about preparing for the Trideltathon. I haven't even taken the time to compile the picture choices for my marathon pictures. I'd like to order those here soon. So… this is the Reader's Digest of my week:

Monday: Ran at Lunch, 4 miles in 31 and change. I debated whether to run or swim. It was such a nice day and Marty and I were suppose to swim on Tuesday anyway.

Tuesday: No word from Marty, so I drove to Sam's during lunch to get electric toothbrushes and printer ink refill. I was going to get the 42oz bag of Cadbury minieggs that I had seen a couple of days before. Sad – no eggs!

Wednesday: Jen was leaving for Louisville for Wednesday and Thursday. I stayed home for part of the day until my babysitting help arrived. I worked half a day, thinking that I would get some treadmill or biking in that night. 4 Rolling Rocks later, I decided that it might not be the best idea.

Thursday: Another half day, except the half part was in the morning and get the kids at Lunchtime. So the evening was taken up with the kids, plus Jen was getting back around 9pm. Jen got back and we turned around and got her pack for her next trip on Friday.

Friday: Woke up a little late. Had to get the last minute figures for the taxes done. The American Council of the Blind was picking up donations today, so I put out 9 boxes of clothes and stuff out there. Plus it was trash AND recycle day… all that had to be put out. The car was packed and we took Jen to the airport for her 9:36 flight. After we left the airport, we went to North Knoxville to deliver an order to one of Jen's customers. After that we went to Lowes where I decided to use the stuff that I had for a house project, then we went to Sam's for the sole reason to look for the 42oz bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Couldn't find any and the Easter section was very small. As we were leaving the store, I came across a shopping cart that had about 15 bags of minieggs!!! I just switched carts and took all the bags plus the kids to the checkout. NAH… just kidding. Although I did buy 2 bags of mini eggs. We then went home and had lunch. I sprayed the weeds in the backyard brick. Once Ryan wakes from his nap, we are going to go to the park… We are going to church tonight (nursery provided – YAY) to see Jesus Christ Superstar… I get so little coffee when I am at home… sleeeeeepy.

Big plans for tomorrow: Haircut, Old Navy and AC Moore, Statistics tutoring session, Running (maybe with Marty), Probably biking on the trainer at night, cleaning, etc…

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon