It's a pretty dreary day here in Knoxville… kinda cool… rainy… forecast for more rain. The worst part is no exercising today! Ahhhh… Well, I had some important errands to run. I am going to be in the first of two weddings this weekend and I had to go pick up my tuxedo. So, at lunch today, I met with Greg who is a friend of John and my Jen's from Furman. He drove in from Georgia and I met him at the Tux place, so that he knew what was going on, he is staying with us during his stint in Knoxville.

The Tuxes that John picked out are pretty snazzy. I will have to post a picture of them when I get a chance. But I did notice that when I tried it on, I have to cut my hair. I have been talking about this for sometime now, but you know… I need to be well groomed to be a good groomsman. So, I think tonight a hair cut is going to be in order. Tomorrow will be the rehearsal dinner and there is no confirmed reports of anything groomsly happening after the rehearsal dinner. Oh, the rehearsal dinner is being catered in one of two (or three) 5 star restaurants here in Knoxville. I have never been but Jen raved about the lunch food when she worked for TVA. So, I am excited.

So, no work out. Perhaps tomorrow…

One of the side effects of running marathons, is that your metabolism is increased a notch, in that you are hungry more often, because your body want to store some energy for those long runs. There is no switch after the marathon to turn this off. So, even though you see a sharp decrease in running, there is no change in the amount of food your body wants to eat. So, you are constantly hungry and are more likely to gain weight. It's all thermodynamics!!! So, I just ate some lunch and am still hungry. This morning I was hungry, so I ate one of the Cadbury Eggs that I remembered to bring in today. My current snack is Maple and Brown Sugar Frosted Mini-Wheats… well, they are the Kroger brand… but I am eating them like Candy! I think I will go eat that other Cadbury eggs… must eat chocolate……..

Calories Consumed 9460
Number Purchased 42 3 5
Number Consumed 40 3 5
Cals per serv 170 egg 570 box 190 egg

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