The Wedding

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So, oh yeah, the wedding… we are on to the wedding. Allie is a very detailed oriented person and that is great for people like me who love lists. At 12:00 NOON… high noon (or very close to 12:15) you shall be at the wedding and dressed by 12:30 to take prewedding pictures. Food will be served as you can do whatever you want until 2:30. At 3:00 you shall be at the back of church ready to seat people and at 4:00 the festivities will begin!

Greg and I made it to the church right at 12:00:00. Right on time. We suited up in the Grooms changing room… a nice big room with plenty of space for us to put on our tuxes and get ready. Michael had brought extra black socks in case any of us morons had forgotten to pack socks. Not me… I had my own pair that I put in the tuxedo bag just this morning… at least I thought they did… CRAP! I can't find them… I know that I packed them… no way, they must have fallen out… MICHAEL! SO Michael gave me a pair of these knee-high dress socks… yes, knee highs… they were pretty much soccer socks. So I put them on and got the rest of my tux on… no problem. I went to put my shoes and what discovery did I make… my socks. SIGH. So, I am all ready for some picture taking.

A result of the storms that passed through the previous evening was that the wind was strong. Now, luckily I had my hair styled with some cheap, but effective, manly pomade, pomade sport to be exact. So I had no fear of my pretty boy hair flying all over the place. We took groom + groomsman pictures outside and had the standard boring picture of the Groom and his crew. Of course, we never get to see any of these… at best I can steal one if John buys it and sticks it on his website. So, with the formal pictures done… the photographer, who was a little eccentric says, let's do a GOOFY picture… yay, a goofy picture. Grown men acting all goofy… come on, we can do this at a bar… okay, let's get goofy. Okay wedding party, let's do a FOOTBALL Huddle! Oh, Oh a football huddle… oh boy… can I be the piece of glass. BLUE 42 BLUE 42 HUT HUT. OKay wedding party, I know you have it in you… let's do a BOYBAND pose. You know, be all like New Kids on the Block and NSYNC. You have got to be kiddi- hey can I be the cleancut one? please… please. Okay, we were done. Lunch is served!

Lunch consisted of Sub sandwiches minus the garden stuff and a big fruit tray. They were good and we ended up sitting at a big round table just shooting the feces. This is where I heard about the Leprechaun video… “If you have seen the leprechaun say Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” – You can't make that stuff up… too funny. We also went through the Ipod we gave John and some of the songs that everyone put on there. [I was going to post the songs that I had put on there but I don't have Da Kruza with me today and the file is on it – DANG IT] I was good male bonding experience without making a big fire and beating our chests.

3:00 came and we decided that it would be in John's best interest that we make it to the back of the church. Sure enough… we all lined up ready to escort beautiful women to their seats for the wedding. We have the authority to push the husband, boyfriend out of the way and have them follow his woman on our arm. And we get to do this more than once. SAH-WEET. Okay, focus… remember you have 3 rules or was it 4… What do I have to remember? Something about walking and cutting corners, I don't remember. Oh well. At 3:40 we banned anyone from sitting… no escort… no sitting. Oh crap, there are 6 couples back here and it's 5 til we start. I escorted the sister of one of the wedding directors (I mentioned this yesterday), the wedding Nazi one, well, she said that we were going to sit these late comers before the wedding processional. Tensions were high in the foyer area when the juggling of sitting the late comers, lighting the candles, seating the grandmothers and mothers had to be sorted out. No fistfights broke out so all was good. At this time, this is when the bridesmaids and bride came out.

Okay, here is the part of the ceremony where my cold and unmoving heart (it's not that bad) got a little mushy, so you chicks get the tissues out. The bridesmaid came out one by one and Allie did them a great favor. She got them flattering bridesmaid dresses. Allie's dad was in the back as the bridesmaids came into the foyer. He was standing at the very back near one of the doors. He was separated from everyone by the line of bridesmaids coming through. Then walked in Allie. It was as if someone magically transformed him when she walked into the room. He never spoke to her while we were back there, he watched her walk every inch from when she walked into the room. He never smiled, although he had a little grin across his face. It was his eyes that told the story. His eyes almost had a magical quality to them, it was when she walked into the room. You could read his eyes, as if you were reading his mind. He was so proud of his daughter, seeing her in her wedding dress getting ready to marry John. Remembering the first day he saw her for the first time, the first time she said “dada”, the first time she grabbed for him, her high school graduation, her first boyfriend, her college graduation, telling her she was getting married… all of these things you could SEE in his eyes. As she walked from on side of the foyer, she was the only person in the foyer. I was watching him, for this reason. Allie would be too focused on the wedding itself, her dad was focused on her. The photographer was taking pictures of Allie as she walked to the otherside of the foyer or else I would have gotten him to take a picture of him… I wish I had had my camera. It's one of “Those” moments… the raw emotion that is not fabricated for the camera. But now it's SHOWTIME!

Rule #1: Walk Slowly… that is tough when you are walking down the aisle, being videotaped. Rule #2: Don't cut corners… Done! Rule #3: Right over left… done right hand over left hand. What was Rule #4? oh yeah.

The ceremony went without incident, no one messed up their wedding vows [me: guilty], or had anything written on their shoes [me: guilty], no dropped wedding rings, etc. The one funny thing was Rev. Fields, John's Dad, telling a heart warming story about Allie. When John was dating her, they passed by John's Dad's church and casually, he ask “What about that church?” Her response [getting her foot ready]: “No, the preacher there is too boring”

My homeboy fellow groomsman killed me… I found out today that the recent newly weds either winked or smiled at their spouse when they went back down the aisle. Bastards. Me… I am all… the videographer and photographer can get good pictures of me. What a vain person I can be when I wear a tuxedo. Did I mention I have another wedding in June and I am the Best Man… please pray for my soul. So I jilted my wife on the way out and we all headed to the courtyard where the whole wedding party was going to meet so that the guests didn't gang up on us before the reception. This is when I told Allie about her dad in the foyer area… she was “I'm going to cry now” in reference to her not crying at all during the ceremony… GO TERRY… Terry gets the bride to cry on her wedding day! Yes… scratch that one off the list.

Well, I ran out of time… I guess this will be a three part series… stay tuned for The Reception. I'll have to proofread later too

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