The first brick

The first brick workout is rescheduled for tomorrow. The forces that be, made i clear that no such workout was going to occur today… sigh.

I was very productive this morning… joining back onto the 5 O'Clock club and being very productive in paying bills and trouble shooting Quicken this morning. This lead into getting breakfast made and making sure that the kidlets were ready for preschool and their outing with mommy. Of course, I had to get myself dressed and ready for work. Although a naked day would fall under a “casual friday”, I felt that a naked Tuesday would not go over well around here. So, I had to get ready as well. I then tried to but the bike carrier on the car and that's when things went downhill fast. I could not get the carrier to stay on the car to save my life and I ended giving up because I was spending too much time with it and getting way to frustrated. Soooo… I just packed the car and decided run or swim. It's too cold today to do a swim/run, but maybe I could have done a run/swim. Regardless, I ended up doing errands looking for paper at AC Moore, Office Depot and finally finding my treasure at If It's Paper. I even dropped off some mail that didn't go out this morning… wheew

Here is a picture of the storm from the other night. Well, it's sort of a picture. What you are seeing is our back patio with the reflection of jen's bags (#145 and #539) that are on the windowseat. The “butterflies” in the upper center (one of them is yellow).. those are outside.

The dots that are in the background are one of two things: either flowers from the tree OR hail. I am thinking that it is the hail because one, it's all over the place pretty much uniformly around (or fairly random pattern for the statisticians out there) not something you would expect in a big storm and two, the tree still has some flowers on it still that didn't get knocked off.

Look who came to visit us early… He was very patient and allowed me to take lots of pictures, unfortunately I only had my Minolta Dimage x20 and there is only so much that I know how to do to get pictures at this distance. For the photo people out there (No Flash, ISO 100, Not sure about zoom, exposure time uncertain… maybe 1/8 or 1/4). I took all the pictures that I could because I didn't think he'd let me go in and get my Canon, come back and continue the little photo session.

speaking of easter:

Calories Consumed 9120
Number Purchased 42 3 5
Number Consumed 38 3 5
Cals per serv 170 egg 570 box 190 egg

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