The Final Number

With everything happening last week, I didn't get to raid the Easter Candy Clearance aisle but the final totals for the Easter Candy have been calculated:

Calories Consumed 9800
Number Purchased 42 3 5
Number Consumed 42 3 5
Cals per serv 170 egg 570 box 190 egg

What is not included in the total caloric intake is a Classic sized Bag of Mini Eggs (12oz?), a 22oz Bag of Mini Eggs, a 42oz Bag of Mini Eggs and another 42oz Mini Eggs which I am currently transforming from delicious chocolate to not so pretty… errr, yeah. There was little sharing of the Mini Eggs, so I could with some accuracy, estimate the number of calories that the Mini Eggs contributed to my not-so-nutritious diet

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