Wouldn't it be nice if we had the ability of the Phoenix? But we don't… sigh. If you believe in reincarnation, that is an off shoot, but not really the same.

I found out yesterday that my biological father is not doing well. Like, not getting better well. He suffers from MS and without going into details at the moment, he is having some serious health problems. So, the whole family could use some prayers and/or well wishes if you have any lying around that you aren't currently using.

Today, we will have a conference call with the family there, Chris – the one and only Uncle Chris (to Eric and Ryan) and the doctors. It is my understanding that the doctor will layot a couple of roadmaps that Bob can take and basically, we have to chose for him, if he is unable to do so. The big whammy is heart surgery to help repair part of his heart and get it to pump the volume that he needs.

And it gets better. Bob only has disability insurance, so his pleasant outing right now in the hospital isn't covered… he would have had to gone to the VA hospital, but at the time he started feeling bad, there wasn't time. So, he's in a regular hospital racking up hospital bills like the national debt… too bad the hospital doesn't have frequent flier points or anything.

So, it's a wait and see game right now. The conference call should be around 6:30pm tonight. I do not know exactly what is going to be decided… but I will have more information.

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