Creative Marketing

I am a sucker for good marketing. Just look at my Easter Candy Fetish. Not only do I look forward to eating the candy, during the short period of time that the candy is offered… I try to buy as much as I can. The rest of the year, I wait until candy bars are on sale and refuse to buy them unless they are considerable less than 50 cents. Of course, chocolate emergencies are a different stories.

So this blabbering flows into soft drinks. I am a big soft drink drinker. I think that it's the carbonation and the cola flavoring that I enjoy the most. I do make decaffeinated iced tea by the urn full to cut the cost of purchasing cases of diet coke. But for the most part, if I chose a drink, it's a Diet Coke. I like to drink Diet Rite since it has no caffiene and no sodium, but it's more expensive at the Grocery store and not always available and almost never has cool marketing scams, errrr, promotions.

I think I mentioned that I will drink Diet Pepsi when there is a cool promotion but other than that, only in desperation. For almost a year Diet Coke had a promotion for 1 in 12 wins, which you think, wow, those are good odds. But that's a generalization over the whole population. A sneaky marketeer would do this: say 12 million 20oz bottle of Diet Cokes are made (let's assume ONLY Diet Cokes are used), so that is 1 million winning bottles. Let's also assume that contest runs 12 months and that 1 million bottle are consumed every month, to make the math easy. The sneaky marketeer won't say that the contest is randomly distributed bottles, but randomly selected bottles and sends out 250,000 winners each month… that way people at the start of the contest will win and keep buying the product long after all the “winners” have been won. They haven't lied and probably could put some of all that in the fine print… who reads all that stuff, for contests on soda bottles… sheesh.

Okay, so now onto the current game. Now, Coca~Cola is promoting a game where you earn points when you buy Coke products. Now, this is also a 20oz bottle game. Why 20oz? Highest Mark-up… play a game, make them pay. With these points you can “buy” prizes with them… oh boy! Woo-Hoo. And they are not anything special, except for the super high points where you would have to drink 10 of them today, then they get nice. But they got me hooked. I already have etched in my brain to look for 20oz whenever I go anywhere. Most places they are super high now at a $1.19 and even $1.29, Walmart/Target has them for $1.08/$1.10. The Machines around here are mostly $1.00 and I saw them stock the Coke Machine at the Aquatic Center with 20oz bottles with red caps… I actually have enough points to buy two of the smaller things in my wishlist, but they are currently out-of-stock… bastards. So, now in April, I have 12 days more of Glorious, easy to find easter candy as well as a Soda Game habit to support. And I keep forgetting to bring the Cadbury eggs to work because I am devouring a bag of Mini-Eggs when I am at home.

12 days! I better stock up!

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