I thought I had a great workout going. I was going to swim a mile today in the pool. It's a beautiful day here, although tonight we are going to get HAMMERED with a storm that is in Nashville right now. Fun fun, for the rehearsal dinner tonight.

Anyway, I was having a great time in the pool, swimming 3 laps, hitting the stopwatch, do that for 3 cycles then rest… 4 rounds of that would be a mile. And I could get it all done and get back to work no problem. I miss counted and missed the last 3 laps. I only when 1508 meters or 0.93 miles! GRRRRRRRRRRR. The good thing is that I know that I can swim 1609 miles since I still had plenty of energy left needed to finish those laps. I can't believe it that I missed it. AAAAAHHHH. So, I swam 1508 in 32:38 and that is pretty good considering everything.

With the storm for tonight and other on Saturday… Poor John and Allie for their wedding. Well, it will be memorable!

Yeah, for our wedding, 2 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen went to hospital with concussions for the hail storm


Everything was great and peaceful until all the car alarms went off from the hail coming down

. I won't be working out on Saturday, unless I lift weights that night. Sunday will be a wash, haha, especially after the storm. I need to make sure that I keep my camera handy in case of any cool picture moments.

I am actually preparing to do some creative statistics on a report that I working on right now. Actually, it'll be some basic descriptive statistics, but I am 1) setting the table for future fun statistical analysis and 2) Going to do some recreational statistics and see if anything noteworthy comes out. I'll hace the prelim results next week and the final report following closely. I have until May 1 to do it, but if I can get it out of the way, more blogging for me, YAY, and more commenting for you! YAY!

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