An Update

I want to thank everyone's comment for the post on the 20th. I responded to each one that was there as of the night of the 21st. I plan on elaborating more on the past few days, but I want to share what is going on now…

Saturday Afternoon, we are leaving to make part of the trip from Knoxville to the Quad Cities. Now that the kids will be part of the plan, the trip will take more time. Thank goodness for DVDs, this will help. We will be arriving in the Quad Cities Sunday afternoon sometime. There is a private visitation, which I will attend, then the visitation from 4-8pm. The funeral will be at 11:30am on Monday and he will be buried at Rock Island Arsenal. He will receive a military funeral from his time in the Air Force. We will either head back to Knoxville that afternoon or early Tuesday morning.

Bob's obituary will be in the local newspaper on Saturday (you should be able to find it online at

I plan on blogging more about everything as part of my healing process from the loss. While in Iowa, it was easy to be strong for my brother Chris, but since I have been back home I have been breaking down a couple of times (like right now when I type this). I am trying to gather music for his visitation that he requested… it should be a treat for everyone… he has requested Holy God, We Praise Thy Name and Unchained Melody and The Eagles and ZZ Top plus some others…

So we'll go from Praising God's Name to Sharp Dressed Man to The Joker… no doubt that I am related to him 🙂

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