what’s up doc?

So, I had my appointment with my general practitioner for the ailments of my foot as described in the tag linked “metatarsal” subject. Well, he didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know… but he did make some comments on my toes and their condition.

My two littlest toes on my foot curl under each other and have been this way as far back as I can remember. I do know why they are this way but they are and will stay that way, I guess. He made a comment about them. Also, he comments on the state of the ends of my toes. You can tell from the pictures after my race in November at Chickamauga and the blister after my 22 mile run last month, that my little piggies have seen better days. I explained to him that some of this is soccer related,as we were told that we had to push our toes when we locked our ankles to shot the ball. This provides maximum strength when shooting the ball. Also, I think that I just wiggle my toes when I run. I have many socks with toe holes… which leads into my rant on toenail maintenance before marathons.

So his diagnosis is “take it easy” and ” see a podiatrist”. I take that as run smart, but don’t stop running AND go see a podiatrist. So, I will continue on track on my marathon training schedule and will schedule in a podiatrist appointment. Perhaps I wil need orthotics in my shoes for my stride. I would like to keep shoes longer than 200 miles!

But, it was a 2 for 1 special at the doctor’s office. I was also treated for the cold that I have (thanks little germ factories of mine). I got a narcotic cough syrup (and I am not even coughing… hee hee), and some nasal steroid. Man, I hope they don’t have testing after the race ;-). I also went and got some Mucinex which is a high dose expectorant and help keeps the phlegm moving. I do NOT want it to settle in my lungs… So, now it’s on to my regiment of drugs.

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