Weekend Update

So from my voicepost, you know that I did run on Saturday morning. I was a decent run to say the least. My foot was bothersome when I thought about it. The last two miles, when I was only concerned about the hills in my subdivision, I didn't even think about my foot. Now, with that said… it hurt most of Saturday and really bad on Sunday, part of it – more on that in a bit.

Now with the run on Saturday, it was a total of 12 miles with a total run time of 1:52:41. The splits are listed below and if you take into consideration miles 9 and 12, my run is right around 9 min miles. Mile 8 was when I stopped to eat my Carb-boom and record my voicepost and I actually did stop. There's a trash can there and so I wanted to eat and drink what I needed and then not have to carry the trash around. Sad thing is that they cleared a BUNCH of trees right next to the greenway and I almost missed the entrance because it was so different! The last mile, of course, is that mile that is in my subdivision. I really should see how much of that last mile is uphill… it would be MOST of it. I took a Pro-Boom recovery gel afterwards and was NOT sore at all despite my pace. I am thinking those things are cool! Because I am recovering from a cold-illness-general yuckiness I did need a small nap and I think I found one while Eric was playing with who-knows-what… I was out for 10-15 minutes.

On Sunday, there has to be something for the Power of Prayer. At our Sunday School Class, Jen brought up that I was running a marathon soon and that my foot was a little under the weather. Then in Sunday Morning Light, I put down my foot on the prayer request card. During the worship, I was stretching my foot in such a way that it hurt! I was even limping some on Sunday. I didn't get a chance to ice my foot because Ryan wanted to eat my ice block and was getting upset when I didn't give it to him. Dude, it's freakin' cold! Of course, we think he is teething, so it might be something he would LOVE to have. When I woke up today, things were almost fine with my foot. Not at all tender or even sore. I have to stretch it very awkwardly to feel any residual pain and this concerns me. My podiatrist appointment is on Thursday, I don't want it feeling better, I would rather it be sore and he be able to better assess what the deal is with my foot. So, we will see. I'll still go I guess… I am sure that he'll recommend orthotics for my shoes… those are about $400 bucks… when is Christmas again?

So, here are the split times for my run on Saturday. Today was a rest day and I will probably swim tomorrow. With it being so nice, they are having outdoor swimming. I do need to figure out how to be this cold though!

I am working on an Intergalactic Plant3rry logo… hopefully will be done soon…

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 1.0 9:18 9:18 &nbsp
2 1.0 2.0 8:59 18:17 &nbsp
3 1.0 3.0 9:00 27:17 &nbsp
4 1.0 4.0 9:33 36:50 &nbsp
5 1.0 5.0 8:42 45:32 &nbsp
6 1.0 6.0 9:35 54:07 &nbsp
7 1.0 7.0 8:43 1:02:50 &nbsp
8 1.0 8.0 8:54 1:11:44 &nbsp
9 1.0 9.0 12:02 1:23:46 I recorded my VoicePost Here
10 1.0 10.0 8:53 1:32:39 &nbsp
11 1.0 11.0 9:04 1:41:43 &nbsp
12 1.0 12.0 10:58 1:52:41 &nbsp
Calories Consumed 7490
Number Purchased 34 2 3
Number Consumed 34 2 3
Cals per serv 170 egg 570 box 190 egg

Upcoming Races:
03/26 Covenant Health 2nd Annual Knoxville Marathon (Knoxville, TN) Goal Time 4:15:00
04/08 Spring Sprint 5k (Alcoa, Tn) Goal Time: 24:30
04/23 Trideltathon Sprint Triathlon (400m, 6 miles, 3 miles) (Knoxville, TN) Goal Time: NYD
04/30 Mastercraft Mile Goal Time: 6:30
05/06 Run for the Deaf 5k (Knoxville, TN) Goal:TBD
05/27 Expo 10k In Memoriam: Grandma Varney (Knoxville, TN) Goal:sub 50min
(indicates potential Personal Record for distance)

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon