Mental Jumble

I have a number of things in my brain that I wish I could just plug in a USB port into my brain and it gets download straight to LiveJournal. I could use the VoicePosts, but, it would so random that you would be going krazy!! Of course, if you are an English major, my grammar and/or spelling probably already makes you groan, like from nails on the chalkboard.

So, let's go back to Wednesday…
Wednesday was speedwork on the track at lunch. I ran 200 meter (1/2 lap repeats) with a 200 meter recovery run. Somewhere I wrote out the split times, but can't figure out where I put them. Huh… go figure. Anyway, I only ran a little more than 1.75 before I decided to call it a day since I wasn't feeling all that great and there was a terrible headwind on the backleg of the track.

I also have develop a soreness in the outside of my left foot, right next to the bone that sits out near the little toe. The weird thing is that I can't find the source of pain by poking and prodding, but it just is sore. It didn't hurt during running, but it's worrisome.

I did wrap my my foot during my looooong and welcomed almost 8 hours of sleep.
[80s tune playing]
Sleepin' 9 to 5
What a way to stay a livin'
Barely gettin' by
It's all wakin'
And no snoozin'
You'll just lose your mind
And you'll never get any credit
It's enough to drive you
Crazy if you let it
[ends 80s tune playing]

And on to Thursday:
I ran 3.21 miles with Marty at lunchtime. We decided to head over to the Fort Sanders Area and run part of the marathon Course. We ended up running the course from the ~10.75 mile to 12.25 mile marker, cut a few street and then ran the part of Clinch road that is part of the first mile AND part of the 25th mile. It's good to know about that hill towards the end, but once you crest it at the end, it's all downhill into the stadium! We ran a slow, for us, 9 and some change pace. I think we must have been under the weather or something. I dunno…

I ended up wrapping my foot with an ACE bandage and that worked wonders for my foot! I couldn't even feel it at all. I had it one for about an hour and then took it off. Once I did that it was hurting a bit, so I took a wrap that had magnets in it and wanted to test if the whole “magnet-healing” thing worked or just a bunch of crap. I didn't notice that much of a difference. Although, it's not hurting a whole lot while I type this, so that might be a good thing.

Today (Friday)
Today was a day of Fasting (Lent – No meat) and a day of rest (marathon – No Running), but that didn't stop running-related activities from happening. At lunch, I met with Jill Bedford and her husband Joe at the Downtown Grill and Brewery. Jill is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Knoxville Track Club and I asked her if she would do a short interview for the podcast Phedippidations. See, next week's (March 12th) episode is an idea that I submitted to Steve. Actually, it was during Steve's podcasting of one of his races that I picked up on him thanking the volunteers. This is something that I do at races, so I notice these things… anyway, I emailed as a show idea and he took it (Sucka!! :-)) My take on Volunteering is “Without Volunteering there would be Darkness and Chaos” because without them we could not have well-organized races. So Jill was nice enough to do the interview and has been submitted for the podcast! Sweet! Check for it next friday.

I am doing my long run on Sunday and will be a 16 miler instead of the 18 miler that I originally had planned. The reduction in distance is an attempt to get the miles I need without laboring and lowering my immune defenses too much that I get sick and/or a cold. After all, I will be in taper mode on the 9th, so I need these miles! I probably will stay in Farragut and run early early so that I can still make it to the early service at 8:45am. Maybe I'll even do another Voicepost!

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