March Madness

Basketball to me, is rather uh… whatever. I don't watch the NBA. I do follow my college teams on the scoreboard but can't say that I watch the games. It's hard not to hear about the Lady Vols with Pat Summitt or any UT Sports here in Knoxville. So, college basketball is on the radar, but it's not anything I try to watch.

But I do get interested in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and I do fill out a bracket. I wish that I had seen Rachel's post and would have liked to have gotten in her group bracket action. Maybe next year. So, we are now down to the Sweet 16 or the last 16 teams in the tournament and this is how I did:

Round 1 (64 teams, 32 Games)
Overall 24/32 (75%) Games Picked Correctly
Upsets 4/9 (44%) Games Picked Correctly with Upsets being classified as a team ranked 7 or higher losing

Round 2 (32 Teams, 16 Games)
Overall 9/16 (56%) Games Picked Correctly; I didn't have any brackets going into the second round that where both teams I picked had been knocked out.

Other Analysis

  • Out of the 8 games that are going to be played this weekend: 3 of the games have both teams that I picked, 3 of the games have one team I picked and 2 games have no teams I picked.

  • My overall champion is still in the running
  • The Lowest Seed team that I picked still in is #5 Washington
  • The Maximum number of correct teams that I can pick for the Elite 8 is 6, Final Four is 3 and the Final is 1

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