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Okay, so here is the deal with my foot… on Tuesday Feb 28th, I noticed a pain very close to the bony part on the outside of my left foot, just below the pinky toe. This area was sore, but when put under compression, the pain went away. I was able to walk and run without limping or having to change my stride.

On Sunday, I ran 16 miles, and while I was running, I noticed my foot but it did not inhibit my running. I ran a very speedy average pace per mile. That night, my foot was noticeably in more pain that normal. It wasn’t tender when I walked on it, but I could feel it. I ended up taking some ibuprofen and wrapped it, and it would feel “better” but not go away. The pain, had moved closer to my heel at this time. I researched some information on the foot and possible injuries.

In my non-medical opinion: I have some injury to either the 5th Metatarsal or the muscle close to it.

If it is a Jones Fracture or Stress Fracture, I am sooooo screwed as treatment ranges from 4-8 weeks with no running or impact exercise plus a soft cast or airboot.

The other possibility is a severely pulled muscle or something else in there.

What do I think it is?
At first, I was pretty certain that it was a fracture of some sort, but then the symptoms aren’t singing the same tune.

  • The foot is not noticeablyswollen over the right foot
  • I can walk on it normally with limping
  • The pain will go away with direct icing
  • Ibuprofen works wonders and the pain goes aways and doesn’t just dull
  • I can run upstairs without thinking, hence no pain


  • I don’t remember doing anything specific to hurt the muscle in the foot (i.e. step on something)
  • My increase in mileage, although done before, could have been a variable to an overuse injury

I have an appointment on Thursday morning with my doctor who will probably NOT be able to tell me anything specific. IF it’s muscular, I can run with that and keep treating it with RICE and NSAIDs and will still run the marathon. I can “cut” my running down to just the longer runs on the weekends and swim/bike during the week. That is sanity. IF it’s NOT muscular, then all injury and no running make Terry go crazy!

I am now going to go swim to see if that non impact exercise does anything…

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